Tommy Wiseau's next movie Big Shark is real and coming soon

Tommy Wiseau is a name that I think we all know. If you haven't seen his film THE ROOM I'm thinking you've at least seen James Franco's movie based on the making of that motion picture THE DISASTER ARTIST. Needless to say that the man is more than a notorious filmmaker and so when we catch word that he's making a horror movie next, we felt the need to spread the word.

The new movie is called BIG SHARK and it's about... oh, hell, nevermind. Wiseau broke the news about the movie at a recent screening of THE ROOM where he shared a teaser trailer for the movie. The article this news comes from shared the teaser trailer for the film but I'm not going to bother sharing here as it is obviously a bootleg. But I feel no shame in directing you guys to the article itself right over HERE.

Anyhow, here's a rundown on the teaser trailer via FilmFlutter:

The teaser begins with Patrick (Tommy Wiseau), who introduces his friends Tim (Isaiah LaBorde) and Georgie (Greg Sestero) to two young women. After one cut, all five are outside and the two women slap one after another. Patrick and Tim laugh while Georgie takes it easy. The two then run to their car. Suddenly, water washes through the streets and after the next cut, the three are already in the water up to their hips. In the background, the title star appears: a big badly animated shark eating an unfortunate victim. The friend trio is next on the menu of the shark, so the three have to run away. After inserting the title, the shot of the shark stroking and biting the camera is repeated several times.

During the Q & A, Wiseau revealed some more details about the film, which is said to be about 

Three friendly firefighters who are saving the world. 

... from a BIG SHARK we assume.

The film is set in New Orleans and is not finished as of yet. It's said the teaser was created to raise funding. The film itself is said to be shooting this year and will celebrate its world premiere in the presence of Wiseau and Sestero at the Prince Charles Cinema in September. This movie sounds wild and I'm sure judging by the teaser it will be. Are YOU interested in seeing Tommy Wiseau's BIG SHARK? Make sure to let us know below!

Thanks Mathias for the scoop!

Source: FilmFutter



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