Trailer for the Butcher Brothers' Raised by Wolves offers plenty of found footage shocks

Regular readers of AITH are surely familiar with the works of The Butcher Brothers, the writing/directing tandem of Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores that brought us THE HAMILTONS, APRIL FOOLS DAY, THE THOMPSONS and my personal fave of the bunch, THE VIOLENT KIND. Now we've got another film from The Butcher Brothers to look forward to and this time they're dabbling in the ever-popular found footage format.

Altieri, who also has the upcoming HOLY GHOST PEOPLE heading our way, takes the directing reins on RAISED BY WOLVES, which was co-written by Flores and stars Evan Crooks, Jenna Haze and Michael Hudson in what looks like a creepy and scare-filled good time. We've got an early trailer for the found footage shocker to share with ya below.

When a group of extreme skaters go searching for an empty pool rumored to be behind an abandoned house in the barren desert, they learn they should not have ignored the rumors that the house is haunted by a demonic presence and a dark history of occultism. What follows is a terrifying tale of evil possession causing the friends to slowly turn against each other.

No word yet as to when we'll be seeing this hit theaters, VOD or DVD/Blu-ray, but we'll keep our ears open for any news regarding RAISED BY WOLVES. Till then, check out the trailer for the flick below.

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of the trailer for RAISED BY WOLVES?



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