Where in the Horror are they now? Kim Director!


THEN: Back in 2000, many a horror fan had high hopes for BOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH 2. However, most were disappointed by the sequel. In fact, rumor of a third seemed to vanish thanks to its lackluster box office. Yet some of the cast members found success in spite of the film’s failure. Jeffrey Donovan is now a USA Network star in the hit series “Burn Notice.” Of course Erica Leerhsen has been a working actress ever since. And then there was the lovely and talented “Goth Chick” played by Kim Director. Kim left an indelible impression on many a young fan and made Goth chicks hot again – of course I’ve always had a thing for women in black!

While BOOK OF SHADOWS wasn’t Kim’s first feature, it made her a horror icon. But before venturing into Burkittsville, Ms. Director appeared in several of Spike Lee’s joints including HE GOT GAME (1998), SUMMER OF SAM (1999) and BAMBOOZLED (2000) – and later on in 2004’s SHE HATE ME. Clearly Spike saw something in her and thankfully, this buxom beauty had the chance to delve into the dark side dressed in black with blue streaks in her hair. Sure BLAIR WITCH 2 was cursed, but frankly when I gave this feature a second chance I had a bit of fun with it. It helps that the cast is better than your average horror flick – well at least the leads were good.

Even if BLAIR WITCH 2 didn’t cast a spell on you, you can’t deny that Ms. Director was sexy as hell as the token Goth psychic looking for an evil witch. After smoking a cigarette while hanging out in a cemetery and getting wicked, Kim was featured in a few mainstream films and guest appearances on television. The bodacious actress starred in INSIDE MAN opposite Clive Owen and Denzel Washington in 2006 – yet again another Spike Lee flick. You could also find her in episodes of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”, “Shark” and “CSI: Miami.” While she didn’t completely disappear, her appearances were much more infrequent after 2006 with only a few credits after that period.

NOW: For an actress who had worked consistently throughout most of the past decade, she almost seemed to vanish aside from a couple of credits after that, including a short stint on the unfortunately awful series “Caveman.” However if you are looking for pictures of her from either INSIDE MAN or BOOK OF SHADOWS, you are in luck because there are a number of those. If you look hard enough you can find a little information, some sexy red carpet photos, and a few fan tributes to her BLAIR WITCH character. Why is it that the less I can find on Kim, the sexier she seems to be? Credit the power of imagination, or maybe it’s the Blair Witch giving me bad thoughts…

Thankfully, it appears that Ms. Director may be re-immerging. Last year she appeared on one episode of the Poppy Montgomery series “Unforgettable” from 2011 over at CBS. And according to her IMDB page, she has a 2012 television pilot entitled “Erroneous Convictions.” While that title seems a little dry, it would be great to see Kim on a weekly basis. Sure it doesn’t look as though she will be making a huge splash soon, but at least she is working again. And if you need a Kim fix, there is always her official website which features some gorgeous pictures and will hopefully keep us updated on her upcoming projects! Come back Kim… we miss you over here at Arrow in the Head!

What are your thoughts on BOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH 2? Who is hotter? Kim Director or Erica Leerhsen?
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