Will James Wan be directing a giant monster movie?

Whatever happened to press releases? If you want the real news, you have to go to Twitter these days, as James Wan has proven with this mysterious message:

That's Wan (who is currently in pre-production on THE CONJURING 2: THE ENTFIELD POLTERGEIST) possibly confirming a monster movie project in the near future. Could this be true? Who knows, but after his FURIOUS 7 made every single dollar in the world, he pretty much has a free pass to do whatever he wants.

Seeing Wan tackle a big budget monster disaster picture could be great fun, after the string of small scale shockers that he's knocked out of the park. As long as he sticks to his horror roots and never forgets how to keep his audience on the line, he should be golden. Heck, let's get him on GODZILLA 2. Somebody draft up a petition.

Extra Tidbit: Do you think James Wan could pull off such high profile destruction?
Source: Twitter



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