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2001 Maniacs(2005)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Tim Sullivan

Robert Englund/Mayor Buckman
Lin Shaye/Granny Boone
Giuseppe Andrews/Harper
Jay Gillespie/Anderson Lee
7 10
Two groups of young adults on their way to Florida for some Springbreak sex and sun, get swindled by a BS Detour sign and wind up in the Southern town of Pleasant Valley. There the zany Mayor (Englund) dubs them “guests of honor” for their upcoming "Guts and Glory Jubilee”. Our teen heroes wind up finding sex and death instead. YEEHAW!

You are what they eat!

2001 MANIACS is a remake, re-imagining, homage…I just don’t know what to call them anymore…of Herschell Gordon Lewis' 1964 classic splatterfest 2000 Maniacs. I haven’t seen the latter yet (I know shame, shame on me) but if it’s as much of a hootenanny as this jamboree of an update, than I might have to tap its ass too and teach it a lesson that it won’t soon forget.

2001 Maniacs was a no boundaries, anything goes, good taste out of the window, bring on the blood and the shameless sluts type of movie. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! The flick made up for its lack of originality and well structured narrative by overloading its whole with massive amounts of exploitative goodies. The holy threes were covered and then some! First, the twisted, off color and politically incorrect sense of humor at play so cranked my dial to “I’m having a blast!” It was apparent that this flick had a pinch of Eli Roth in there (Roth’s cie, Raw Nerve produced it) as it was stamped by his brand of humor, but cranked much further in terms of “out of line-ness” (is that a word?) Everybody was a target here! White trash folks, blacks, homosexuals, Asians and sheep (who are sexually desired by one particular fellow). I busted a gut and two balls more than thrice!

The second key spice in this smut hut biscuit was the abundance of over the top gory moments kicking in. This flick was outrageously grisly! No, you don’t get it, it was freaking nuts when it came to being graphic and I loved every damn micro second of it! Now that’s what I’m talking about! GORE GALORE! The last ingredient in this Cajun TV Dinner meal was the generous display of a certain T and an eccentric A. Female flesh flaunting was heavy handed here; jiggling melons, girls making out, at least 5 different tit shots, and girls bathing each other…you get the picture! I for one (or two) mucho appreciated that jive! Tag to all that;  a swift pace and entertaining performances (By Englund, Andrews and Shaye in particular, who gave it their all) and you get a cheap, yes, an easy, you bet, but delicious and highly entertaining square dance of gore, yuk-yuks and whores!

On the YAWN side of the Kleenex-ed bra, the story at hand was nothing to get in a tizzy about and neither were most of the "type" hero characters but I let that go easily, was too busy having "fun". The worst snag at hand was the last block of the film which was all about padding. We get way too much wandering around for nothing other than boosting the clock time... it got a tad tedious. And then we had the “twist”. Now I don’t know if the “twist” was also displayed in the original film, nor do I care. Either way, me no likey. From my point of kill, it took away from what I had just sat through and much like a dime store tramp on GHB, it felt a little too challenge less for my liking. All in all though, for all its imperfections, 2001 Maniacs sliced a grin on my face and pumped a bump in my Jeans that lasted for most of its run time. Sometimes, that’s all you need for a groovy viewing and today my friends was one of those times. LONG LIVE THE SOUTH!

Somebody overlaoded this soup with Ketchup as we get to taste brutal bludgeonings, ripped limbs (NICE!), acid gulping (and its result), leftover body parts, a spike in the ass and out the mouth and much more! ACES HIGH!
Robert Englund (Mayor Buckman) had a hoot with the part and I had a bigger hoot watching go at it! Over the top yet credible and definitely entertaining. Great show Bobby! I have a soft spot for Lin Shaye (Granny Boone), she’s such a wonderful character actress and excelled as the mental, bloodthirsty granny with the most. Another tight quirky performance for the real life quirky Giuseppe Andrews (Harper). Great stuff! Jay Gillespie (Anderson Lee) looked exactly like Val Kilmer circa Top Gun days and showcased solid chops. Marla Malcolm (Joey) was quite the eye candy and sported the talent to back those “Arrow Approved” looks.
T & A
Let me put this way: Tits, tits, tits! All tits must go. At 2001 Maniacs we're slashing tits in half! This is a tits blow out! Make us an offer on our vast selection of tits! We got white tits, black tits, Spanish tits, yellow tits, hot tits, cold tits, wet tits, tight tits, big tits, bloody tits, fat tits, hairy tits, smelly tits, velvet tits, silk tits, Naugahyde tits, snappin' tits, horse tits, dog tits, chicken tits, fake tits! If we don't have it, you don't want it! Yup lots of ta-tas in this flick and femme cheeks too! The ladies get shirtless dudes and some buttocks.
Tim Sullivan show-offed a serviceable show. Nothing to fancy visually, enough pizzazz to serve the story, the gore howlers and the kink while displaying a knack at comedic timing. I bought it!
We get a “Deliverance” Banjo like score and some hick/rock/ Rob Zombie wannabee type of dittie. Hey…it worked!
You dig unrestrained gore? You enjoy Bobby Englund chewing the scenery fervently? You relish TNA (chicks get some male stuff too, so it’s all good for them too)? You have a swell sense of humor and are not offended when it comes to off color joke? YES? Then partake in this “Guts, tits and Glory Jubilee” and thank me in the freaking morning with a glass of Jack and blow-up dolls that look like the TATU gals. Granted the last block of the flick was a tad weak with too much dicking around and the twist ending might slightly peeve you like it did me but all in all, I had a gnarly good time with this Run-Around-Sue. Hopefully you will too. Bend her over and find out!
The film was shot in LA and Georgia for a budget of 3.000 000$

Word on the street is that the production was problematic and that Producer Eli Roth had to get in there and direct some extra bits to spruce things up (sex & death).