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A Nightmare on Elm Street 2(1985)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jack Shodder

Mark Patton/Jesse
Kim Meyers/Lisa
Robert Rustler/Grady
Clu Gulager/Ken
7 10
Badly dressed teen Jesse (he wears the worst shirts) moves in the "Elm Street" house with his family. Faster than you can say "homosexual undertones", Freddy wants the boy’s body so he can possess him and kill in the real world. You go, Fred!
I know I’ll get castrated for this review but here it goes: This much hated sequel actually gave The Arrow a good time and one of his fav Elm Street line: "You are all my children now". I guess what turned lots of people off is the new direction the film takes. Well that’s what I dug about it. It would have been easy to copy the first one but this sequel stands on its own, following its own rules without ignoring the original. This flick is basically a haunted house/possession flick with lots of weird stuff going on. Its not particularly scary but it is very spooky. The film also delivers in the gross out department, the scene where Freddy comes out of Jesse’s chest is plain old fun times for the whole family.

This sequel has many homosexual undertones. I mean the coach gets his ass whipped with a towel by Freddy (kinky bastard), Jesse ventures in a gay SNM bar, Jesse gets down with Lisa but then abruptly leaves her hanging to go sleep at Brady’s house. This whole film could be a metaphor for a kid coming to grasp with his gay penchant. Jesse keeps on saying there’s something inside of him that wants to come out…maybe Freddy equals his pansy side. Lots of people had problems with the gay stuff, I had a blast…funny shite. Ironically the actor that plays Jesse (Mark Patton) is gay in real life…go figure.

Lisa’s attraction and commitment to crazy Jesse did elude me, the guy is such a geek! But my main problem with the film is the anticlimactic ending. The ending feels rushed and his far from satisfying. The whole love conquer all shite was lame. But if you look at it in the gay way, it took the love of a good woman to set Jesse on the hetero path… deep…

Yes the film has its flaws but where else can you see a rabid parrot, dogs with human baby faces, Freddy crashing a keg pool party, a bus ride that ends in hell and old Fred indulging in homosexual behavior? Right here baby. Say what you will but at least in this sequel Freddy is still scary and he’s also gay…lol.
Some fun effects, the best being Freddy coming out of Jessee’s body…ouch! I also liked the brain revealing... :)
Mark Patton (Jesse) handles himself real well. He hits all the right emotional notes. Kim Meyers (Lisa) is also very good, she looks like Meryl Streep and gives Patton all the "acting" support he needs, where u at girl? Call me. Robert Rustler (Grady) has all the best lines and he’s just way kool. The kind of guy I’d hang with. Clu Gulager (Ken) and Hope Lange (Cheryl) do good as the parents, they have wonderful chemistry and are very credible. Marshall Bell (Coach) is the scariest thing in the flick, especially when he wears that SNM leather vest…brrrr. Robert Englund (Freddy) has more screen time and gets to explore Freddy. Here Fred is more playful and has more lines. But fear not he’s still scary, cruel and in the shadows.
T & A
Marshall Bell’s naked ass getting whipped with a towel and lots of chicks in bikinis.
Sholder does well. A smell of dread invades this picture. Match that with the spooky lighting and the kool shots and you got yourself a good looking nightmare.
A chilling score by Christopher Young (Hellraiser 2) and some fun 80’s pop/rock tunes.
Funny how people always complain about sequels being imitations of the original but when they get something different its: The film betrays the first, the film has nothing to do with the first, the film sucks. If you want to see the original, see the original but if you want a sequel that does it its own way, with its own story, its own style without disregarding the mood and the darkness of the original...see this one. The ending is a let down but the rest is a gay old time.
Special-effects man Rick Lazzarini created a "demonic parakeet" puppet for the scene in which the Walsh's pet parakeet flies around and explodes. His puppet was not used because they wanted a regular-looking bird.

The original glove from A Nightmare on Elm Street was stolen during filming.

During the shoot of the tongue scene, the AD had to take over cause Sholder couldn’t stop laughing.

Screenwriter David Chaskin stated he never meant the script to have gay tones in it. Yeah right, then don’t write in a gay SNM loving coach in next time.

Robert Englund plays the bus driver in the beginning.

One of the bus girls in the beginning is none other than Jo Ann Willete. Heather Langenkamp’s co star from sitcom: Just The 10 Of us.