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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Ryan Schifrin

Matt McCoy/Preston
Jeffrey Combs/Clerk
Lance Henriksen/Ziegler
Christien Tinsley/Otis
7 10
A peeved off and gluttonous Sasquatch is getting his kicks by stalking the rural small town of Flatwoods. It’s up to the mourning and wheelchair bound Preston (McCoy) to fix the giant puppy. Take a big step on this wild side!


Why hasn’t the myth of Bigfoot been capitalized upon more within horror? I mean its all there! A groovy “could be real” Legend, an imposing creature and a low budget friendly setting (the woods). You would think that there would all kinds of Bigfoot fear flicks coming out a year! Personally, I can’t remember the first time or the last time that I saw a horror film that showed off our big toed friend doing the human laundry. With that, say hello to ABOMINABLE!

Writer-director Ryan Schifrin’s ABOMINABLE was a horror movie obviously created by a true horror movie fan and that jive shined through the picture; hence giving it a special kind of charm. From its well structured and endearing REAR WINDOW like narrative line, to its slew of retina friendly scantily clad babes, to its sly film references (dug the JAWS and the GREMLINS one) and to its bleak and ably exploited eerie setting, this was one was put out with horror love in its pocket. You rarely can go wrong with that! The sweet cast also lent credibility to my claim with genre favs: "The Combs", Dee Wallace Stone and “The Henriksen” popping up in this play-pen. I was mucho pleased to see them kick it! Henriksen’s cameo in particular stayed with me as he delivered a hilarious joke/monologue in a natural manner that only “The Henriksen” can. I f*cking love that guy!

Horror wise, Schifrin played the right "tease" card by solely showing glimpses of the creatures through the first two acts, therefore getting me intrigued and frightened. When he let her all rip for the last block via a full reveal and all kinds of carnage, the saying "good things come to those who wait" came to mind.  Yup, when this Yeti got cracking, he REALLY put his cold heart into it and I respected that on levels that only my shrink (whom I killed last week) understands! Think a hairy Jason Voorhees circa Part 7! Peeps were bent backwards, dragged to their doom, stomped to death and one poor schlep even got his face chewed clean off (NICE!). Big props to the special effects crew for the slick creature design and tight graphic gore. No CGI here kids; we’re talking duder in a suit with animatronics to make the beast’s face look pretty damn mean. It worked for me! I believed in the monster and his warped personality (he loves killing)! Stomp on top of all that some genuinely chilling moments (red eyes lighting up in the dark…brrr), a pinch of circumstantial humor, some well oiled suspense and a gnarly ending that carved a smile on my face and you get an old school type of ditty that aimed to put out the goods within a quality package and delivered, even with low coin in tow.

On the smelly side of the big foot, I so needed to know more about the female group to give half of a half of a shite about them. There’s bad characterization and then there’s ZERO characterization, the gals here fell in the latter group. I really didn’t care for a blink about the dames which in turn lessened the tension factor of the film when it came to them. I actually had trouble figuring out who was who in places! Then there was the minor lagging during the first two acts somewhat nagging at me as well. To be honest, that didn’t bother me too much as I dig on slow burn but it needed to be said. Lastly the film did insult my low IQ a few times via taking contrived paths to serve its story. One example: The last thing I would do after realizing that my friend was violently kidnapped…is turn on uber loud music in my pad…COME ON! WORK WITH ME HERE!

On the whole ABOMINABLE was a mostly solid low budget ditty that pushed all of my right buttons; it scared me, made me laugh, enthralled me and back fisted me with its potent gory bits. The Foot lives again!

We get a body bent in two (backwards); somebody stomped to death, a face chewed clean off, slaughtered cattle, human remains and more! Gory and graphic enough to get that red splat button buzzing.
Matt McCoy (Preston) was on the ball as the emotionally wounded yet brave protagonist. Jeffrey Combs (Clerk) played quirky again (helped by a bad wig) and winged it…again! Lance Henriksen (Ziegler) stole his scene with his honest delivery and undeniable macho charm.

Christian Tinsley (Otis) was effective as the “jerk” of the film. Dee Wallace-Stone (Ethel) came through as per usual via a credible display while Tiffany Shepis (Tracy) showed us her ass and boobies again…who’s complaining?

And was that Paul Gleason aka Principal Vernon from the Breakfast Club? You bet it was. The man did well within is limited screen time but needed more funny lines! Haley Joel (Amanda) did the run, scream, fight, thing convincingly while Ashley Hartman was blonde and hotter than hell’s inferno. Not much of a part.
T & A
Tiffany Shepis pulled a Tiffany Shepis by showing off her firm breasts and her incredibly heart shaped ass! Seen the assets before many o times in other low budget genre films yet it was nice to see them again here. Felt like I was re-visiting old friends. When is Ashley Hartman going to drop her top though? Come on! The ladies get Bigfoot being all Connery (i.e. hairy) and shit.
Ryan Schifrin maximized his low budget and put out sweeping shots of the striking scenery, stylish angles and atmosphere galore! He also did well when it came to delivering the creepy and tension laced bits. Good job taco!
We get an engaging score by Lalo Schifrin (father of the director) and a “meh” hip hop tune that I EASILY, could’ve gone without.
I had a swell time with Abominable! Not only was it a killer Bigfoot movie, which is something that I haven’t seen often enough, but it was also a well written and executed one. Frightening, humourous, randomly chilling, clever and gory, Abominable, abominated me to happy, happy, joy, joy land. Sure the pace was a bit slow at first, the female characters BEYOND underdeveloped and the script contrived now and then but the overall experience was a gnarly one. Square dance with this one and let it step on your toes!
DOP Neal Fredericks who worked on this film and THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT died in a plane crash while doing aerial work on another shoot (Cross Bones) in 2004.

This was special effects dude Christien Tinsley first acting gig.

Matt McCoy (Preston) is best known for having played the husband in “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle”