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Bad Dreams(1988)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Andrew Fleming

Jennifer Rubin/Cynthia
Bruce Abbott/Dr. Karmenm
Richard Lynch/Harris
Dean Cameron/Ralph
6 10
In the 70’s a Cult Leader decides to barbecue himself and his followers. There is one survivor but she’s thrown into a coma for thirteen years. When Cynthia (Rubin) wakes up the 70’s are over and she has to deal with her past through group therapy…one small problem: She keeps on seeing the cult leader Harris (Lynch) everywhere and a sudden wave of \"suicides\" plague the group. Coincidence? I think not.
This movie is a watchable romp. It won’t change your world but it won’t ruin your day either. It’s well paced, visually interesting, adequately written and except for the ending which I thought was a cop out and the forced romance between the doctor and his patient that came out of nowhere I enjoyed this film.
Lots of it. We got Harris appearing with a melted face every 5 minutes, we got a splattered head, knife through hand, self mutilations but my favorite gore scene has to be the \"blood shower\" bit…very kool…
The acting is solid. Jennifer Rubin (Cynthia) puts \"Demi Moore\" to shame. She gives a strong, focused performance and I always thought she was underrated. She deserves to be a star. Bruce Abbott (Dr Karmen) rocks the house with his nuanced and powerful performance, another very good actor ignored by the mainstream. Dean Cameron (Ralph) is all over the place with his unpredictable character, he has fun with the part and doesn’t pull any punches. And of course there’s the creepy Richard Lynch (Harris) whose hair gives another great show.
T & A
Absolutely nothing…but this movie doesn\'t need it.
Fleming’s directing is very stylized. The pacing is tight, the lighting is moody and the transitions from present to past, past to present are well done specially when done with music.
The score is ok (synthesizer) but I loved the way he used the \"Sid Vicious\" rendition of \"My Way\" in a particular scene, very groovy. Also look for \"Guns N Roses\" \"Sweet Child O Mine\" at the closing credit.
This movie means well. It has great production values, actors who actually want to be there, good music and a few memorable scenes. The script is flawed but at least you feel everybody aboard wanted to do a good film. B for effort.
When this movie was first released it got lots of flack for it’s similarities to \" A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors\". Both films star Jennifer Rubin, both have mental patients dying mysteriously, both have a creepy house and both use dreams. But \"Dream Warriors\" is a very campy movie…half the time it’s played for laugh. \"Bad Dreams\" is smaller and played very straight. The tone is totally different. I see \"Bad Dreams\" as an honest effort to put out a good horror film…but don\'t take my word for it…check it out for yourself.