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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jang Cheol-so

Ji Seong-won/Hye-Won
Seo Yeong-Hie/Bok-Nam
7 10
PLOT: Two girls were raised on the same tiny island of Moodo, a place populated by cold hearted a-holes it seems. One is named Hye-Won (Ji Seong-won) and she escaped to Seoul City to become a temper challenged loan agent. The other Bok-Nam ( Seo Yeong-Hie) sadly stayed on the rock. Now grown up the former is told by her boss to take some RNR, so she returns to said island and is reunited with her friend. She quickly realizes though that nothing has changed, peeps are still abusive to poor Bok-Nam. But will the victim reach her breaking point and go postal on peeps? Place your bets!
I knew NATHNG of BEDEVILLED before tackling it here at Fantastic Fest. To be honest, the film winning the audience award is what prompted me to go see it at its second screening. As I armed myself with a tub of Popcorn and a beer (yup you can drink at the Alamo theatre) to see yet another genre opus; I quickly realized that the Popcorn would not be eaten, but yes, I'd need more freaking beers to digest this mean motherf*cker of a movie Dang... another one of those!

BEDEVILLLED is South Korean director Cheol-soo Jang's feature length debut and it carried quite a punch, scratch that, think more a sledge hammer to the privates. At the end of day; BEDEVILLED was a two part experience. For the first half; it was all about good hearted and almost childlike Bok-Nam (brilliantly played Seo Yeong-Hie whom I fell in love with) being verbally and physically abused by her jerk of a husband (that actor owned as the evil hubby, can't find his name anywhere) and the female town elders (they will be referred as the old cunts from now on) while her so called friend Hye-Won keeps being a selfish bitch, doing nothing to help. The pain they inflict on poor Bok-Nam was frustratingly over the top and cruel beyond belief. And the more the clock ticked forward, the worse it got. I couldn’t get over how these old cunts kept forgiving the men for their inhumane actions. And Hye-Won inaction in terms of responding to her friend's plight added to my anger. One aspect that augmented the human ugliness at hand was that it was set in a awe inspiring island. The film purposely paid attention to its environment, capturing its beauty via glorious shots... why? To harshly contrast with the DISGUSTING happenings that are going down on that island that's why.

So by the time shades of rape and hints of child molesting kicked in, you had one ANGRY ARROW on your hands. I freaking wanted to hop into the screen and start cracking skulls Braddock style to protect that poor girl and rid the world of the film of that human trash. I was getting seriously upset. And that was the point. The film slyly augmented its underlying tension as it progressed, slowly but surely and eventually got me so riled up, that by the time our poor girl lost her marbles (via the second half of the film) and went bucks nuts on the villains with sharp objects, I lost it too. Yup, I was that jerk in the theatre clapping at every kill and yelling KILL THEM OLD CUNTS ...KILL EM at the screen (the five 5 beers in my belly helped me become so vocal). Cathartic was the word and me having celluloid induced orgasms every time a scumbag bough it was the result. I couldn't help but think of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (the original that is) while watching this bitter pill. Granted it sported an added layer and character arc in the guise of Hye-Won and her journey but at the core, both films shared the same pains stricken, remorseless and vengeful heart.

On the stale side of the blade, some depth as to the baddies would have been nice. They were so one-dimensional in their evil ways that sometimes it affected my suspension of disbelief. I'll buy one COMPLETELY heartless dude, but 7 people all like that? Old cunts too? Hard to swallow (that’s what my last date said). And was it me or was it hard to give a a shite about Hye-Won one way or another? Even though the ugly company around her forced me to root for on some level, at the end of the neck snap, I didn't really give a shit about her and had a hard time buying what it took for her to finally “get it”. Lastly, the flick had like 3 endings tagged to its ass; yup, the “I don't know when to end” syndrome was in high gear. One ending would have sufficed. On the whole though BEDEVLLED was well shot, acted and pushed my juggled my balls like a pro and I applaud it for that. At the same time, I just want to watch a GI JOE cartoon right now. You know something light, that doesn't feel real, with no rape or abuse in it. Is that wrong YO JOE!
We get stabbings, a cut off head, gun shot wounds, a cut arm and more! Once the blood faucet was turned on, the red stuff sprayed out like a Cougar at a high school.
T & A
Surprisingly, nothing overt, am kind of happy about it too, the film was hard enough to watch as is.
BEDEVILLED was I Spit on Your Grave times ten! Gorgeously shot, well acted and overdosed with human ugliness and eventually grisly and glorious revenge driven violence. My experience with this one was the equivalent of somebody bullying me until I blow the f*ck up and lose it. Now that I think of it, we the audience went through the same ride as its onscreen victim. So yeah, at the end, I felt good. The revenge onscreen acted as a release. Sure, more depth as to some of the villains and less “its over but no its not” tendencies would've made this fucko stronger, but as-is, its still superior to the norm and I highly recommend it if you like the woman scorned, snaps and goes ape shit subgenre. Much like so many other first time directors who showcased their work at Fantastic Fest this year, Cheol-soo Jang is a man to keep tabs on.
The film has yet to lock North American distribution.