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Dead Snow(2009)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Tommy Wirkola

Charlotte Frogner/Hannah
Ørjan Gamst/Herzog
Stig Frode Henriksen/Roy
Vegar Hoel/Martin
6 10
A group of medical students hit a cabin in the snowy woods for some fun times. Alas, instead of a hefty serving of booze, games and poon they wind up having to battle a horde of Nazi zombies. Hey! Why the f*ck not…
Dead Snow is the latest film from Norwegian director Tommy Wirkola and I am assuming that the dude is a huge horror fan. I mean how else could you explain a character name dropping Friday The 13th and April Fools Day while wearing a Brain Dead t-shirt? Or all the homages that kicked in? The Ash equips himself montage from Evil Dead 2 is mimicked here visually and so is the infamous Michael Myers sitting up bit. Shite at one point somebody even drops a line from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (fortune and glory kid)…so yeah… Wirkola has seen his fair share of flicks, but does he know how to make his own?

I guess he does for the most part! DEAD SNOW was one of them fun and fast paced macabre rides that I couldn’t think too much about as and after I was watching it. For me to dig on this one, I had to switch my one brain cell to HOLD and just go with the blood flow. The flick itself went for the kill in terms of giggles and double dipping in the gore jar. The splatter was a blast and a half! Heads lopped off, intestines used as a rope, grisly bites — the works! Some of the stunt stuff was dope as well, specially when having to do with a snow mobile going aces high on snowy slopes. As for the laughs, I won’t BS ya, I didn’t chuckle much during this one and being that this was a comedy I guess it failed me in that respect. For example; I really don’t find a chick riding some fat dude while he’s taking a shit all that funny. But maybe it’s just me. Comedy is highly subjective, what cracks one up, makes the other groan.

Visually, the snowy setting was awe inspiring as Wirkola capitalized on it with panache. The photography was sharp, the shots often deliciously kinetic in nature, and the random suspense was appreciated by this jerk. Then we had the special effects coming through. Although the green screen/CG tricks were uneven, the practical stuff owned in its old school M.O. Finally; although not 100% accurate, the Nazi outfits hit home with gusto in looking pretty damn cool! Nothing like witnessing Nazi uniformed Zombies crawling out of the snowy ground to start my sure to be shitty day on the right stab.

So with all that patted on the ass what were my beefs with this Norwegian horror whore? Here we go! The flick was mucho predictable and with disposable “lets do stupid shit to serve the plot” characters in tow at that — think a slasher opus but with Nazi zombies — I expected more than the basics from this one. The story itself was half baked and hazy too. If you’re gonna set up rules — you should follow them and not cheat whenever the hell you feel like it. This one played that game a couple of times too many and the result was me STOPPING to give a shit about the story and just focusing on the goodies. And what was up with all the structure (two characters disappeared from the flick for so long that I forgot about them), editing (sometimes felt they cut around lack of coverage) and continuity problems? Somebody didn't cover their bases hardcore.

So there ya have it; DEAD SNOW was a flawed flick yes, but it had its dead beat heart and bucket of red grub in the right place. Not a movie to watch by yourself, but one to tackle with bitches, beers and buds in tow! Now pass that snow and straw my way! I’m going skiing!
Heads cut and ripped off, intestines spill out (and are even used as a rope), limbs are chopped, messy bites and more! You will see red!
Hard for me to judge acting in a foreign language. Especially when I’m too busy reading subtitles to pay much attention to the chops. But hey, everybody seemed well cast and their deliveries organic enough. That old “exposition” dude kind of stood out though, he seemed more at ease in his role than the norm, then again, he’s an older actor with more experience and most likely more pussy under his belt.
T & A
Sex with no nudity is pretty weak sauce sex to me. Sex while so fat tub of shit is taken a dump is even worse...
There were two Tommy Wirkola’s directing this film. The first one was an ardent horror fan and he kept homaging other films visually. The second Tommy did his own thing; and that’s the one I preferred; strong fear set pieces, fly shots and an engaging energy.
We get some Norvegian rock and death metal that had me tapping my knee like an epileptic spoon player and a classical-ish score that gave the flick a different type of flavor.
DEAD SNOW was a dumb as Hilton, yet amusing buck and half of cool locations, snazzy Zombie Nazi madness and gore galore. Yes it was basic, predictable, and maybe too derivative of other films and to me NOT really funny but it meant well and gave up the goods. Also; any flick that slaps a machine gun on a snow mobile and mows Zombies down can’t be all that bad. Am looking forward in seeing what Tommy does next minus the references/homages and with his own voice booming loudly, uncensored!
Tommy Wirkola also directed the Kill Bill parody Kill Buljo: The Movie (2007) and the nudge at horror remakes; Remake (2006)

Stig Frode Henriksen co wrote the script with Wirkola. he also played Roy in the film.