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Dr. Giggles(1992)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Manny Coto

Larry Drake/Dr. Giggles
Holly Marie Combs/Jennifer
Glenn Quinn/Max
Michelle Johnson/Tamara
7 10
Dr. Giggles, son of a murdering M.D. who got stoned to death by his neighbors, escapes the mental hospital he’s been kicking in and returns to his home town to get even for his old dad, in the process he comes across a cute teen with a heart problem named Jennifer (Combs) and makes her his personal quest…he will heal her no matter what and "giggle" over anyone that gets in his way. The Doctor is in……..sane!
This movie got pissed on so much upon its initial release and THE ARROW don’t "capish". I know nothing is original here, all the slasher flick spices are present: Murderer escapes mental hospital (Halloween), comes back to his hometown to draw some red (Halloween again), has his own nursery rhyme (Elm Street this time), spits one liners that would put "Seinfeld" to shame (Elm Street again) and giggles when he’s nervous, excited or horny (that’s a first). All the characters have been encountered zillions of times in other kill flicks: the rebel, the virgin, the sluts, the police officer with a link to the killer….but for Craven’s sakes that doesn’t mean the movie isn’t good gory fun! This movie is fast paced, well shot and the murders all "medical" related are gory and nasty. The movie isn’t particularly scary (lots of fake scares) but it’s entertaining, funny, cruel and not half as bad as everybody said it was. Now will you all please open your mouth and say AAAAAAAA…
Be happy!!! The doctor has a medical bag of goodies: scalpel, liposuction pump, razor sharp thermometer, giant band aid (funny stuff) and more…All the murders are pretty gross, the red is not shy and the doctor always punctuates a kill with a witty one liner. The kills are the movie’s strong point.
Larry Drake (Giggles) rules in this movie, his performance is weird, scary, funny and he even manages to make you feel a bit of pity for the whacked doctor. It’s his movie. Holly Marie Combs (Jennifer) reminds me of "Neve Campbell", she does good but some of her dialogue is lousy and makes her look a bit off…but we know it’s not her fault….it’s the writers. Glenn Quinn (Max) is convincing as the leather jacket wearing rebel boyfriend, Michelle Johnson (Waxwork) plays the sluttish, one dimensional looking stepmom perfectly and dies a great death, and the two girls that play "whores" in this film, do a great job at it…I was convinced they were whores.( I do wonder why one of them didn’t get killed…I guess the Doc wuz too busy)
T & A
A big fat ZERO!
Knowing that his content is weak, he goes "melon" with the camera. The opening shot where we are inside a body and eventually come out of an open wound or the shot from inside someone's mouth…are wayyyyyy kool. There’s also a great scene that takes place in a hall of mirrors…gnarly… and the camera movements are swift and precise like a scalpel slitting "Katie Lee Gifford's throat.
You know what? In all the mayhem I failed to even notice the score…I guess it was alright….
Manny Coto tried to revive the "slasher" genre with this pic…he failed and "Wes Craven" did it instead. Release "Dr Giggles" today and I’m sure it would be a "scream". I guess we weren’t ready for the "stalker" comeback in 1992…but this is the year 2000… so you feeling a bit down? Your mate cheated on you with your sister? Took too much X last night and fell in the toilet? Can’t seem to finish High School…again? I got the cure for you…book an appointment with Dr Giggles and have yourself a bloody good time.
This movie does have one ORIGINAL moment: ever seen a grown kid (no older than 9) come out of a corpse (he was sewn in)???? After this movie you can proudly say: YOU BET!!!