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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Robert Schwentke

Jodie Foster/Kyle
Peter Sarsgaard/Carson
Sean Bean/Captain Rich
Kate Beahan/Stephanie
5 10
Mourning mother (Foster) loses her daughter on a plane, like one loses a sock. She causes a ruckus and when the facts kick in to indicate that her daughter has recently died; she causes a bigger ruckus. “Where’s Julia?” WHO CARES!
When I saw the Flightplan trailer, my hopes were low; it came across as generic fluff to me with the only thing that could’ve possibly elevated it to “kool” status being the “why” behind the zaniness. After watching the flick, Flightplan went on to match my low expectations and then some…that’s a bad thing!

I’ll give the film this; it had me some of the way via a tantalizing premise (how do you lose a kid on a plane?), well executed visuals (Ze Germans have Ze flair), a handful of decent actors (Sean Bean baby…Sean Bean!) and a couple of semi tense occurrences. Furthermore my noggin was working overtime in terms of trying to make sense of the mystery at hand, so I was occupied and somewhat into it. But then the hysterics began with the Jodie Foster character losing her marbles and annoying everybody on that plane...including me. I know, she just had just lost her husband and now a child; it’s totally understandable that she’d be a freaking mess. But that doesn’t mean it made for a “pleasant” experience. I felt like I had entered the worst case of PMS ever known to man and my primary instinct was to get up and run out the theatre for some freaking peace and quiet. Not good when that’s evoked by the heroine of the film.

Foster’s performance also lost me a few times. She’s usually a very competent actress but here I felt she was on auto pilot in places hence losing credibility and some of my sympathy. And what the hell was that Arab/Yankee stereotypes Post 911 stuff doing in the film? Granted I know it’s kind of hard to not address the issue now of late when dealing with flying but the execution was way off! I felt clumsily preached to and the subplot totally took me out of the film. Should’ve cut that PC FOR DUMMIES garbage out! Lastly, the very last block was an utter mess of contrivances, crappy CG and suspension of disbelief with the rationale behind the lunacy being a farfetched bore. That’s why all of this went down???? PLEASE! Aliens would’ve made more sense. When in doubt…go the Aliens way man! You know…PHONE HOME!

All in all Flightplan was a well shot yet typical cookie cutter thriller, one that didn’t take any chances, was low on smarts and that gave me pretty much what I’d expect from a Jodie Foster slumming opus. So you going to take this flight? I say take the bus and watch SPEED instead! FUN FILM!
We get a corpse and…and…well I think that’s it!
Jodie Foster (Kyle) was on the ball 80 percent of the time while feeling off for the other 20 percent. Uneven for a usually solid actress. She also annoyed me with her constant tantrums. Peter Sarsgaard (Carson) gave an unusual performance, one that ranged from dopey to sleepwalking through his lines. It did give the part a peculiar air that kept me watching him. Sean Bean (Captain Rich) was stellar all around as per usual with this non-challenging part. Kate Beahan (Stephanie) was credible and mucho hot.
T & A
Nathing, unless you have a plane fetish.
German director Robert Schwentke was “on” in terms of imbuing the picture with a spooky/unorthodox mood (loved the use of the color blue) and groovy angles. He also handled his tension scenes quite adequately. Give the guy a better genre script and I’ll be there!
The score by veteran James Horner worked for the film in terms of adding to the suspense and the eerie moments.
Flightplan had me with a slick initial idea, some tension and its polished images. And then Flightplan lost me with hurl inducing PC sillyness, a so out of control Jodie Foster that the “back hand” came to mind and an un-inspired/moronic third act that a fourth grader could’ve came up with while taking a “dumpskie”. See it on DVD, see Red Eye instead or don’t bother seeing it at all. You aren’t missing anything.
This is German Director Robert Schwentke English feature film debut.

Jodie Foster’s birth name is Alicia Christian Foster.

Jodie Foster does the dubbing in all of translated to French films where she speaks perfect French.

Jodie Foster was supposed to be the lead in that dreck Double Jeopardy but had to bail out when she became pregnant. Ashley Judd took her place.