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Here Comes the Devil(2013)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Adrian Garcia Bogliano

Francisco Barreiro/Felix
Laura Caro/Sol
Alan Martinez/Adolfo
Michele Garcia/Sara
7 10
A couple loses its children while on vacation in some mountains (go to the beach next time yo). Eventually the brats are found, but they’ve returned to the coop...ummm… well… “different”.
Although he has a slew of horror films under his tool belt, I had never heard of Argentinian writer/director Adrian Garcaa Bogliano before I wrangled his latest throw-down HERE COMES THE DEVIL. I will definitely keep tabs on the dude from now on though. Man’s got skills! Yup, the Mexican Horror Film HERE COMES THE DEVIL hit the H spot! Think an old school bitter pill, in the veins of the ones we used to get in the 70”s.

I’m talking a strategically slow pace that steadily jacked up the tension as the clock ticked forward, unsettling atmosphere, lots of wide and static shots and of course the popular topic that was El Diablo back in the forefront once more. Shite, even my favorite sub-genre: the vigilante theme, got a hefty nod here in what had to be one of the most harrowing scenes in the picture. Moreover the flick was pretty raunchy. For example, there was a masturbation scene here that was so wrong that it was all kinds of right. And it should be spat that any movie that opens with a steamy lesbian tongue-hockey match gone wrong can’t be all that bad. With that, what had me hooked, lined and bitch slapped with this one was the tantalizing initial premise and the potent mystery that came with it. Although I had an “idea” of what was going on with them crazy kids, I didn’t have the full picture and getting to it was engaging to say the least.

The film’s other powerful one-two punch was its core couple, brilliantly played by Francisco Barreiro and the mucho sexy Laura Caro. The duo felt so authentic that they sold the wild shenanigans that was going down around them. They both gave brave and genuine performances and on top of that had ideal chemistry together. You couldn’t have asked for two better lead actors! And yeah the two kids on hand tackled by Michele Garcia and Alan Martinez were credible as well. Tag to all that some fairly repulsive elements that were implied as opposed to shown (which means they hit me harder), some striking imagery (courtesy of Bogliano and Ace DP Ernesto Herrera), left field moments of gore that punched me in the gut, the occasional trippy-ass visuals and an ending that had me reaching for the JD bottle while putting me in a “Deep Thoughts” trance and you get a well made and nasty little movie that started my day with the middle finger up.

So what’s stopping me from giving it a higher rating? Well taking account the premise, I wish there was horror at play here. For the most part, the movie came off like a drama with shades of the supernatural. A solid drama no less, but I just wish they would have upped the horror quotient a tad and maximized on the wickedly evil initial plotline they had. Then there were the questionable decisions by the wife character that sometimes came off as trivial to serve the plot as opposed to organic. Yup I wound up thinking “WTF are you doing girl?” a couple of times here. Made no sense to me i.e. came off as forced.

Finally, the score (by Julio Pillado) was on and off in terms of my personal affinities. When it worked it did with gusto, when it didn’t it would lessen the impact of the tomfoolery on screen. NOTE: I was also half and half on the Mexican version of Columbo in the story as played by Giancarlo Ruiz. On one end Ruiz’s performance was entertaining and his stache was BEYOND epic; in fact I was hypnotized by it. On the other end, the cop character was too cartoonish, clashing with the realism of the rest of the film and the subplot didn’t evoke the tension it should have. They should have gone all the way with it or snipped it out!

Overall though I enjoyed my time with HERE COMES THE DEVIL. If you're in the mood for a retro, slow burn, randomly eerie and fairly daring/ugly little movie, this Buds for you!
We get some cut off fingers, a crazy slit throat and more!
T & A
We get the whole she-bang on this front! Tits, ass, bush… and in spades! Even the ladies/ gay dudes get treated with some bum shots.
HERE COMES THE DEVIL was a down and dirty little movie that unraveled via a slow yet engrossing pace. It also gunned out a compelling mystery, out of line ideas, a gnarly old school visual style, lots of skin, some gory goods and a killer ending. The cherry on top was the two fantastic performances by Laura Caro and Francisco Barreiro. DAMN! On the flip-side, when you take into account the premise, there should have been more horrorin the house; there was so much more to do with that storylin in my opinion. I also was half/half on the score and the cop subplot aka Mexican Columbo and Laura Caro’s character made some pretty dumb moves to serve the plot. Overall though, this is an ideal flick for those of you who are sick of McDonalds horror and are in the mood for a throwback genre sirloin. Dig in! Worth the sit down!
The film was shot in Mexico.

Adrián García Bogliano will have a short film in The ABCs of Death (2012) called: "B is for Bigfoot"