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Highlander 3: The Final Dimension(1994)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Andrew Morahan

Christopher Lambert/ Connor
Mario Van Peebles/Kane
Deborah Unger/Alex
4 10
This one ignores Highlander 2 and is a follow up to the first. Connor McLeod (Lambert) thought he was the only immortal left. That’s until bad boy sorcerer Kane (Peebles) frees himself from his rocky prison and hunts him down. Yes, a battle will be fought and someone will lose their head. My money’s on Lambert.
Highlander 2 detoured the series (went the Blade Runner way) and this entry tries to set it back on track. Does it succeed? I got a weak \"yes\" and a strong \"no\" for ya…

Yes: This sequel goes back to it’s roots, the immortals are NOT aliens. We go back and forth between the present and the past like in the first. Kane is a fun bad guy and the fact that he’s a magician gives way for a few kool visual effects. The duels are exciting and the scene where Connor rebuilds his sword at his first love’s grave site is poignant and beautiful.

No: This sequel does more than inspire itself from the original…it copies. Kane, no matter how groovy he is, is nothing more that a pale imitation of The Kurgan (bad guy in the first). They even go as far as reproducing the same crazy car scene from the first but with a couple of CGI effects slipped in there to butter it up. The love story between Connor and Alex is very surface and brings nothing to the story. The flashbacks are stale (except when they show scenes from the first one). The subplot with the nerve testing cop (very bad thespian) that has a hard on for Connor is unnecessary and goes nowhere. The asylum scene feels out of place and the end battle is fun but it imitates shots from the original.

I also want to point out that I could buy Kane getting from Japan to New York unnoticed (he’s able to shape shift) but there’s no way his sidekick (who can’t shape shift) would get through airport security. How the hell did he get to New York unnoticed?

This sequel’s subplots (love story and Connor’s son) are paper thin and only in the film to be used against our hero. That’s where the movie falters, in the original the manipulative subplots were also there but at least they were developed honestly so it hit you when bad things happened. Here you won’t feel a thing. It is nice to see Highlander go back to it’s roots but where Highlander 2 strayed too far, Highlander 3 stays too close. It brings nothing new to the series and purely imitates the first. Too bad it couldn’t reproduce its heart and spirit. There can be only one…excellent Highlander movie? Where’s Ramirez (Sean Connery) when you need him…
A girl gets stabbed in the eye and lots of cut off heads.
Christopher Lambert does good with the part again but lets face it, he can play Connor in his sleep. Mario Van Peebles (Kane) hams it up, has a blast…too bad he brings nothing new to the bad Highlander part. Deborah Hunger does well with what she has to do, gets to practice her British accent and show off her body…yummy. Special Note to the dude that plays the annoying Lieutenant: Where did you learn your BOGUS New York accent? Are acting classes that expensive? Did you ever act again?
T & A
A hooker shows us some TNA and Deborah Hunger shows everything. She has a body to kill for…
Morahan directs with a heavy hand. His background in music videos is very apparent. The love scene between Lambert and Hunger looks like a \"Playboy\" video sequence (lots of blue lights), the final battle looks like the rock video \"Dr Feel Good\" by Motley Crue (lots of fire and slow motion) and I didn’t like that greenish effect every time a special fighting move was done. We do get some nice lighting, some nice scene transition and some great sunsets but Morahan overdoes the MTV vibe and should learn about subtlety.
Good: Lorrena McKennit song BAD: Rock songs playing during the fight scenes…it’s not Queen that’s fer sure.
I’ll use my prostitute analogy. The original Highlander is a high priced escort. This sequel is a street hooker. They both give the same services but the high priced escort has more class, more talent, she cares and leaves you satisfied. The street hooker does it all but with no heart, all she’s thinking about is that 100 bucks on the night table. She doesn’t even try to hide the fact that she’s only there for the bread. If you rent this one, wear a rubber.
This sequel has many names: Highlander 3 The Final Dimension, Highlander 3: The Magician and Highlander 3: The Sorcerer.

Notice the Welcome To Montreal sign in the \"New York\" airport. (The film was mostly shot in Montreal.)

I hated when Nakano’s cut off head talked…Cornnnnnnnnnnny!