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My Little Eye(2002)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Marc Evans

Sean SW Johnson/Matt
Laura Regan/Emma
Jennifer Sky/Charlie
Kris Lemche/Rex
8 10
Five twenty-something dudes and dudettes agree to live in an isolated house for six months on a “Big Brother” type of Internet reality show. The rules: If everybody respects the curfew and nobody quits, they’ll get one million clams to split five ways once their run is over. The snag: there’s more than meets the little eye when it comes to this gig. Think violence! Think murder! GET THE AXE!
"They're playing games with us."--- Rex

This is a review of the UK cut.

Fucking A! Cross that freaking annoying show “Big Brother” (or the Canadian version “The Lofters”...PUKE!) with "Friday the 13th" and you get "My Little Eye", a film that proves that it doesn’t take all kinds of bills to make an effective and stylish horror movie. All you need is a solid premise and a bad ass execution and that’s exactly what we got here. Sure, the reality thang is now old (I was done with it at "Blair Witch Project") but I still couldn’t resist digging this movie, if only for the big “up yours” it gave to all those skanky reality shows polluting our TV sets today.

My main hook to this baby was definitely its “suck me in” visuals which involved me into its world on a deeper level than usual to then rock my senses senseless when the nasty shenanigans kicked in. Props to director Marc Evans for making this "DV flick" look so damn money. The exteriors were eerie as hell, especially the shots of the snowy surrounding and the creepy house, while the unsettling interior shots pounded my eyeballs to the max with the “peeping tom” camera tendencies, quick zooms and slick green night vision (that sometimes gave our heroes chilling glowing eyes). Even the many audio plays in this morbid tale contributed to the “crawl under my skin” horror feel. If it wasn’t the menacing score aggressing me, it was the various noises (the camera motors, in particular) giving me the “heebie-jeebies”. Wrap all that in an aura of high plausibility in regards to the “events” and you get a "disturb" factor that’s cranked up to HIGH VOLTAGE.

Admittedly, the flick does take a while to get going and really goes tense hardcore at the hour mark, but thankfully I was still engaged throughout by the curious scenarios, the occasional surprise turns, the subtle horror nods ("Psycho", "Black Christmas" and the "Evil Dead" game…groovy!) and the character interaction. Yes, the players are thinly written here and of the “slasher stock” variety (the bad boy, the hoe, the virgin bla bla bla), but the actors behind them made it happen for me with their natural and charismatic performances. Kris Lemche (Rex) specifically had me on his side as the “fuck you” type dude. His quips to the camera had me saying “You tell 'em, bro” (yes...I talk to my TV).

Story-wise, I have to sadly admit that I saw most of the sick plot twists coming. The flick doesn’t really do a good job of covering up its darker secrets. But the good news is that I still got surprised a few times and the predictable twists managed to sucker punch my numb skull nonetheless due to their harsh nature. The imminent “discovery” scene, for example, had me by the collar...what a powerful scene! And when the unapologetic, nihilistic and slasher-inclined last block unraveled, it gave me a severe horror beating and it actually took a couple of drinks for me to pipe down. I was so in there! Talk about making an a-hole (that would be me) anxious! DAMN!

On the downside, the film does sport a couple of plot holes and some things didn’t make sense to me (like what happened to that snow dude again?). I also found myself asking this question: "What kind of mooks agree to live in an isolated house for six months without having done all kinds of background info on the show beforehand?" We live in a crazy world yo...are people still that naïve? I also caught myself yelping “get the fuck out of the house already” a few times, l mean what is it going to take? At the first odd occurrence, I would’ve been out of there with at least one of the ladies, heading for greener pastures: a cozy hot tub. Fuck the money, fuck the fame, let's waste some time constructively!

But when the end credits imminently scrolled down, I felt like a small fish on a big fucking hook. “My Little Eye" was a groovy horror ditty with one hell of a mean streak. I had to respect that. It's dark, it’s ballsy, it satisfied my voyeuristic tendencies and it also cut my hand off at the wrist as punishment. Yes, that’s a POSITIVE thing! I spy with my right eye…LOTS OF DEAD YOUNG ADULTS!
Not much gore in the house, but when the violence hits, it smacks hard. We get a violent chocking, an AWESOME beheading, a messy blown up head and random blood stains.
Sean SW Johnson (Matt) underplays it and it works. Laura Regan (Emma) is bang-on as the “non-slut” chick in the house. With this and “They” on her resume, I hope that she becomes the next “Scream Queen”. Jennifer Sky (Charlie) drops her top, rides that pony and she can act too! YIPPEE! Just like he did in "Ginger Snaps", Kris Lemche (Rex) steals the show once more with his high-toking, rebellious attitude. I related to the lad. Good job dude!
T & A
Jennifer Sky (Charlie) goes tits up and we kiss her ass for it. Thanks Jenny! The ladies get one shirtless dude and another going "tank top".
Evans does wonders with his limited budget and had me asking myself why I didn't think of this kind of picture first. We get some powerful slow motion, quadruple split screens, creative camera angles and eerie play with sounds/lighting. His kill scenes were also bang-on...talk about impact!
I loved the tunes here. We get a raw and insane score, a horny techno/rap song (great lyrics) and one aggressive, "industrial” heavy metal guitar twang. I want the soundtrack NOW!
"My Little Eye" made me feel good about being a horror fan. Its brutality really appealed to me. I haven’t been shocked by violence in years, but this one finally made that fuzzy feeling of uneasiness come alive again…thank you. With the right distribution and marketing, this bad mutha could be a huge hit here in North America. Sure, the script won’t win any Bram Stoker awards and the action does take a while to stab in, but mark my words...be patient with this gal, cause once she starts pumping, she gets the body horror rushes going! Now can somebody let me loose in the Big Brother house with a chainsaw already? ENOUGH with these self-centered attention seekers polluting our air! I’ll do it for free! "Do you want me to kill her now?" Snuff said.
"My Little Eye" is a British production, shot in Nova Scotia, Canada with US and Canuck actors.

Laura Regan (Emma) also stars in the horror flick “They”.

Kris Lemche (Rex) also stars in the horror flick "Ginger Snaps".