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Night of the Lepus(1972)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: William F. Claxton

Stuart Whitman/Roy
Janet Leigh/Gerry
Rory Calhoun/Cole
DeForest Kelley/Elgin
7 10
Rabbits are a plague in the Southwest, munching everything in sight and multiplying faster than Angelina Jolie adopting kids. So what do townsfolk’s do? Inject the rabbits with growth hormones of course! What else? The town gets ravaged by a slew of GIANT RABBITS (yeah you heard me) as I pissed my pants in laughter to whole way.

Attention! Attention! Ladies and gentlemen, attention! There is a herd of killer rabbits headed this way and we desperately need your help! - Officer Lopez

This was one heck of a knee slapping movie! And what made it even funnier is that it was shot in a serious manner. Craving their own THE BIRDS , some “must have been” on weed MGM Exec green lit this "wondrous premise" and we're all better people for it today. Even though the flick was choppily edited, inane as shit and occasionally tedious to sit through; I’m still recommending it. Why? Because it had to be one of the top so bad, its bad hence good genre party to ever get spit out of the Studio system. Here are 13 reasons why YOU should watch NIGHT OF THE LEPUS!

1- To witness scientists suggest injecting GROWTH HORMONES into rabbits and thinking it’s the greatest idea ever.

2- The Special effects were a hoot! From extreme close ups on the rabbits to suggest that they were “big”, to tossing regular rabbits on miniature “street sets”, “inside house sets”... to the use of force perspective…A HOOT!

3- You ever see a dude in a rabbit suit (yes, he's supposed to be a giant rabbit) leap on top of a cow to wrestle it? YOU WILL HERE! NOTE TO SELF: Invite that dude at my next party!

4- If I see one more low angle of rabbits jumping in slow motion over the camera as a “bear like roar” accompanies the gravity defying act…well…I’ll giggle some more!

5- The attempts of making cuddly rabbits look menacing were hilarious to say the least. Close ups on rabbit nostrils breathing heavy with “big scary heaving sounds" dubbed over, menacing close ups on rabbit eyes or a heavy handed “horse galloping noise” accompanying rabbits sprinting in slow motion…PRICELESS!

6- The man the myth The Bones was in this movie! Yes Deforest Kelly that is! Well backed by a stellar moustache, the lad could do no wrong! Love him! Seeing genre icon Janet Leigh "acting" while obviously knowing that she was in a lousy film also made for groovy entertainment.

7- Wide shot = harmless bunny rabbit. Followed by: Close shot= evil looking rabbit puppet… need I say more?

8- The trippy bass heavy score in the film made the lunacy that was going down even funnier!

10- The opening credit documentary (about rabbits going buck wild and being hunted) tagged with the constant re-used footage and the obvious stock footage (cows) resulted in a visual feast of Cheesy-Poops proportions!

11- The word Lepus (pronounced “Leepus") is one of the funniest words I've ever heard, even more comical than Gonorrhea! I'm happy to have learned it!

12- A Drive In, a cop rolls in, he screams at the filmgoers: “Attention! Attention! Ladies and gentlemen, attention! There is a herd of killer rabbits headed this way and we desperately need your help!” and then asks that they leave the premises in an ordained fashion…they do…no questions asked...NOUGH SAID!

13- I’ve always had a dream, a dream of seeing the US Army battle a horde of giant Bunny Rabbits in all of its tacky, badly edited and utterly ridiculous glory. That film made that dream come through.


We get aftermaths of people gnawed to a bloody pulp or chewed to pieces by Giant Rabbits. Gory, over the top with bright red blood at that!
I dare you to set apart Stuart Whitman (Roy) and Rory Calhoun (Cole) in this film! They both acted and looked the same; dark hair, stoic, bored and cashing a check. You can see Janet Leigh (Gerry) thinking “I went from PSYCHO to this crap” the whole time! SIDE SPLITTING! DeForest Kelley (Elgin) gave a credible and grounded performance. Being that it’s in this film; it made it all so much comical.
T & A
The rabbits were nude and I wanted to hump every single one of them!
William F. Claxton tried so hard to make the rabbits look threatening, tried even harder to build suspense and frights…dude…it’s a movie about giant rabbits…its not gonna happen! Like really, it can’t happen! A for effort and for ASININE!
That bass line score was memorable, overused and tittie twisting comical!
You like B Movies? You like B Movies made by big Studios who thought they were making a “real film”? You like bad effects, dumb storylines, re-used footage, silly dialogue and GIANT RABBITS RUNNING IN SLOW MOTION ALL THE FREAKING TIME? Well this is the stew for your bowl! DIG IN! Night of the Lepus was by far one of the stupidest films I’ve ever seen, with a dumber than dumb premise and an execution that suggests that there was no budget yet everybody took the film VERY seriously. And that is why my friends, it’s worth the “in & out” and then some! I can already see somebody remaking this for today’s audience…I freaking see it! That’s how low we’ve gone! ARROW SINGS: "Doctor, Doctor give me a cure, I’ve got a bad case of loving Lepus’!"
The flick was shot in Arizona, USA

Based on the book Braddon, Russell. The Year of the Angry Rabbit!