Top 10 Creepy Movie Bunny Rabbits!

Last Updated on August 3, 2021

Easter. Bunny rabbits. The two are inexorably linked, surely for historical reasons we can all research on our own. But there’s no mystery to how f*cked up seeing the image of a cute widdle bunny wabbit subverted toward the sinister is. There’s no way a soft, fluffy, horny little critter should ever strike out with bloodletting violence, to any animal much less a human being. But, as you’ll see below, such has been seen in many a horror flick over the years. Hell, even some non-genre joints have featured the ferocious bunny rabbit in some form or fashion.

All that to say, get your early Easter celebration on by checking out our Top 10 Creepy Movie Bunny Rabbits!


Giant mutant rabbits terrorize the southwest, that is the simple yet long-lasting logline for the unabashed 70s B-movie delight, NIGHT OF THE LEPUS. For the uninitiated, think about those bad 50s atomic-scare monster-movies as seen through typical 70s filmmaking flourishes, practical FX that essentially used normal sized rabbits running around on miniature sets, etc. Sh*te’s bonkers! Most of the attack scenes featured a man in a rabbit suit, that’s true, as is the fact that fake-blood-covered rabbit’s feet were given out as promotion. Oh, and in case you wondered, Lepus translates from Latin as Hare!


Although writer/director Richard Kelly claimed to have never seen the 1950 movie HARVEY, in which a 6-foot tall rabbit with the ability to stop time speaks directly to the main character, what he did with Frank in DONNIE DARKO is leaps and bounds more alarming. Voiced by James Duvall, Frank both saves Donnie’s life by calling him away from his house before a jet-engine crashes into his bedroom, but also implores Donnie to do heinously immoral acts, such as burning down a pedophilic teacher’s house. Okay, well. Wonderfully eerie costume design, equally vexing vocal tone and perhaps one of the best lines ever: “why are you wearing that stupid man suit?”


Oh dear. Who out there has seen the insanely twisted surrealist 1988 Czech flick ALICE (aka NECO Z ALENKY)? If not, do so ASAP, as it’s not only a bizarrely unique take on Alice in Wonderland, it just so happens to feature one of the creepiest interpretations of The White Rabbit ever seen. Seriously, this makes Tim Burton’s version look like a goddamn Care Bear. And by proxy, finds itself among some of the weirdest bunny rabbits to be seen on screen. Czech director Jan Svankmajer injects the entire flick with freakish energy and imagery, none more uncanny than the white rabbit. Shite’s like the equivalent to the Jefferson Airplane song!


Joe Dante’s third leg of TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE, It’s a Good Life, has gone overshadowed over the years by the unspeakable tragedy that left three dead during the making, but also by George Miller’s brilliant rendition of Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. But let us never forget, Dante fashioned one hell of a creepy cartoonish ghoul in the guise of a mutant rabbit that Uncle Walt pulls out of his magician’s hat. It’s a quickly fleeting moment, as young Anthony orders the rabbit to disappear in short order, but just take a look at that f*cked up image.

#5. THE HARE (THE WITCH – 2015)

Evil takes many forms. Such was the primary tagline for Robert Eggers’ unassailable debut feature THE VVITCH, and one of forms we saw evilly manifest was The Hare, which served as a sort of bait-agent for the Witch herself. Remember, little Caleb would likely never have wandered into the woods and ended up right at the Witch’s hovel if he hadn’t possessively chased the hare to her door. So, if The Witch is just that, Black Phillip is the devil, The Hare is most certainly a hellish minion on par with that nasty nipple-eating raven.

#6. SUMMER SCHOOL (1987)

As both an ardent horror head and a fervid fan of 80s high-school comedies, it would come as no surprise to anyone that my favorite characters from the riotous 1987 romp SUMMER SCHOOL are Dave and Chainsaw. Hell, the latter’s bedroom still resembles my own. But among the many gruesome pranks they pull throughout the flick, the one in which they scare the ever loving piss out of their classmates on a field trip to the local fair ranks supreme. With the use of fake blood and latex, they feign a gory bunny attack that would make Rick Baker proud.


In the past decade or so, we’ve seen a newfangled wave of low-budget, killer bunny B-movies that rely on shock value more than anything else. This includes recent schlock-titles like PETER ROTTENTAIL, KOTTENTAIL, THE BUNNYMAN, BEASTER DAY, BUNNYMAN MASSACRE, and a few others. But it’s EASTER BUNNY, KILL! KILL! that not only sort of inseminated the rebirth, but ranks most enjoyable among the others. The story finds a little boy neglected by his father, turning to his pet rabbit for solace instead. Soon, a weapon-wielding madman in a Bunny mask overruns the town with blood-spilling carnage.

#8. SEXY BEAST (2000)

SEXY BEAST is a movie every Arrow in the Header should see, even if it has nothing to do with horror cinema. Not only does it feature one of Ben Kingsley’s finest hours, there is a really f*cked up dream sequence in this hardened British gangster flick that will rival just about every other creepy movie bunny rabbit out there. See, while asleep, Ray Winstone’s character envisions a large bunny-man riding a horse in the desert. The thing stops in front of him, dismounts the nag, and proceeds to cock and aim a f*cking Uzi right at his head. Dude snaps out of bed in sheer terror.


Yeah yeah yeah, we’re fully aware that MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL hardly registers as a horror flick (which is why it ranks so low), but when it comes to gorily savage bunny rabbit attacks upon human beings, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more nastily carnivorous yet equally hilarious instance than the scene depicted above. Shite’s legendary! A cabal of Knights out to find the godly chalice stumble upon a flying, flesh-eating widdle wabbit that shows absolutely no mercy. So bloody, so relentlessly in your face, but so obviously fake that all you can do is laugh in horrific shock.

#10. CABIN FEVER (2002)

In what’s become a publicly acknowledged homage to that weird ass grizzly-bear fellatio shot in THE SHINING, Eli Roth equally confounded filmgoers with this puzzling insert of an adorable giant bunny rabbit with a bloody syringe in one hand and a stack of flapjacks in the other. Of course, the latter ties in with that crazy mullet-wearing wacko kid just below, who, after landing a slow-mo Judo flip earlier on, demands pancakes with ultra-aggression. Not terribly scary on its own, but definitely a bizarre WTF moment if ever there was one. Also, note the similar decals on the wall to the ones in Danny’s bedroom in THE SHINING!

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