Sexy Beast TV series not going forward

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

ben Kingsley sexy beast

What you think this is the wheel of fortune? You think you can make your dough and f**k off? Leave the table? Thanks Don, see you Don, off to sunny Spain now Don, f**k off Don!

So that was the cleanest quote I could find from SEXY BEAST to start this article off, so there's something about a TV show spin-off of Jonathan Glazer's film that kind of makes me chuckle. While I don't deny that it could theoretically make for one heck of a solid series, there's no way it could be done unless it was for a channel like HBO, thus I'm not surprised to read Variety's report that the Paramount Network has opted not to go forward with their planned SEXY BEAST TV show. 

According to Variety, the series was to tell the origin story of Gal Dove (played in the film by Ray Winstone), a brilliant thief who finds himself descending into the seductive madness of the London criminal world during the vibrant and volatile 1990s.

I'll admit it, that sounds great, but I don't think it would have made sense for Paramount. Sure, they get away with a few F-bombs on "Yellowstone" (which I love), but this would have been a whole other ballgame, especially if Don Logan (brilliantly played by Ben Kingsley in the original) would have been a character. So that said, why bother doing it if you can't do it right?

Source: Variety

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