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Play Misty For Me(1971)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood/Dave
Jessica Walter/Evelyn
Donna Mills/Tobie
John Larch/Sgt. McCallum
8 10
Happy go lucky poon hound DJ Dave (Eastwood) sees the tables turn on him when he shags a good looking broad (Walter) who happens to be a certified nut case. He says go, she says no and the kitchen knife is put into play. Ahhh love; it always warms my tick-less ticker!

“I hope Dave likes what he finds when he gets here because that’s what he’ll be taking to hell with him.” - Evelyn

Who is the scariest monster of all time? Frankenstein? The Mummy? Dracula? Victor Salva? No. An obsessive and psychotic woman…that’s who! No matter how you slice it, you just can’t top that. Take it from somebody who has lived it first hand! It’s freaking scary ass shite!

After gaining fame via the Rawhide TV show and Sergio Leone's amazing “Man with No Name” trilogy, greater than great man Clint Eastwood upped the ante on his career and tackled his first directorial gig with Play Misty For Me. And what a debut it was! Play Misty For Me (which was shamefully ripped off by the amazing Fatal Attraction in 1987) hit me hard and then some for one reason only; I could relate to it. Seeing poor Clint being emotionally manipulated and put through the ringer by this un-balanced, love lusting leech had me squirming in my seat like a man with a spark plug up his ying-yang. My audience participation level was definitely in high gear as I spoke out loud to the screen as Clint kept making all the wrong moves and feeding the beast that was this emotionally cracked dame in the process. The film itself was well paced, highly suspenseful, at times surprising in its plot turns and somewhat low key in its approach. The latter was a breath of dead air where it resulted in making the eruptions of violence that imminently arose so much more powerful. Every time the knife was brandished and the red splattered about; I was whooped silly.

The wonderful performances on hand made this watch an even more engaging one as well. Clint was Clint; always appealing, always macho, always magnetic…always Clint. As for his nemesis tackled by Jessica Walter (Evelyn); well let’s just say that she made me think twice about one night Donut hole poking and then some. Her no holds barred, high strong and unpredictable show scared the living daylights out of me. The scarier thing is; GIRLS LIKE THIS EXIST! Tremble! TREMBLE I SAY! And the quality kept rolling in! Visually; Eastwood displayed the talent that would eventually land him all kinds of Oscars with Unforgiven. The flick was mostly drop dead gorgeous to look at (dug the cinematography) and Clint even managed to make a “lovey dovey” montage go down smoothly by making the shots that communicated it beyond striking. You see that sunset? WOW!

On the slim downside; Dave’s (Clint) lack of reaction to being “attacked” the first time did leave me cold. I know Clint is cool and all jive but the dude didn’t even blink! I would’ve been painting my underwear into a new color if I had lived through that! COME ON! I also wasn’t too fond of the light banter between Clint and the Police Detective (played by John Larch) where it was obviously there to lighten up the tone of the piece. Too bad it took away from the overall realism as to what was happening. We’re talking about attempted murder here champs! Not the next Romper Room Season! Lastly, I could’ve easily gone without the Jazz Concert bit. Felt trivial, self indulgent or/and there to “kill time”.

Overall though Play Misty for Me was a tight, suspense laced little ditty that sported a couple of nasty surprises along the way and ended it off in a refreshingly grounded fashion. No overlong and flashy finale for this film! It capped off the way it should; “to the freaking point”. You going to Play Misty For Her or run for your life? This bitch is nuts!
We get a slit wrist, lots of blood splashes, some big kitchen knife action and a stabbing in the chest.
iThere’s just something about Clint Eastwood (David) that screams “magnetic”! I couldn't take my eyes off him! I for one also miss the old days where men were men, when “macho” was a positive term! Clint Eastwood is a REAL man in every sense of the word. THANK YOU and don't change bro! Jessica Walter (Evelyn) blew the house down with her unrestrained, nutty and scary performance. Wow! Donna Mills (Tobie) was adequate as the “Apple Pie” girlfriend while the competent John Larch (Sgt. McCallum) had comic relief stamped on his forehead.
T & A
A toned Clint went shitless/tidy-whities for the ladies while we get a glimpse of Donna Mills heart shaped butt!
Eastwood firmly displayed his directing chops via arresting aerial shots, tight shot compositions and a brilliant milking of suspense. Solid!
We get some Jazz (which Clint loves in real life), some rock and that cute ditty "The First Time Ever I saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack.
Play Misty for Me was a taunt, attractive and tension packed nail biter that took me for a loop the loop! When taking into account how tired the formula is today, the fact that this flick affected me strongly was yet another statement to Eastwood’s greatness. Sure I stumbled upon minor peeves here and there but I stress the word minor. Play Misty for Me played as one of the leading cautionary tale on "one night dips". I say watch it back to back with Fatal Attraction and see yourself fall in love with your right hand while considering taking out your left hand for dinner and a lube job. DATING SUCKS!
Don Siegel in a small cameo as the bartender friend of Dave's

The film is set in Carmel, California, the town that Eastwood later became the mayor of in 1986