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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Vincenzo Natali

Adrien Brody/Clive
Sarah Polley/Elsa
David Hewlett
Delphine Chanéac/Dren
6 10
Two scientists (who are also dating each other) f*ck with mother nature when they create some genetic monstrosity via splicing together human and animal genes. Mother nature f*cks back.
I usually dig on Vincenzo Natali's work (although I did eject Cypher halfway through - was hating on it big time) so it was with some anticipation that I attended a screening of the dude's newest flick SPLICE. I came out of it alive and well, too bad I was hoping to stroll on out a destroyed man.

Although derivative of a bunch of other films (Species in particular comes to mind), SPLICE was engaging enough to deliver a compelling buck and half of horror/sci fi schlock. The pacing was effortless, it had lots of good ideas, was sexually deviant (old fashion rape and quasi incest - yeehaw) and the themes brought up were interesting to say the least. I particularly dug the mother-daughter thing Polley had with the creature. The ups and down of that relationship had me by the couillons. And the father, daughter, lover, f*cker thing that Brody had with the she-bitch was groovy as well. The flick was not afraid to thread warped territory that's for sure and I respected that. Visually it was handled in a classical manner, Vincenzo Natali has a good eye hence he got the job done, no harm, no foul. And big props to Ace of Spades effects house KNB for their standout and mucho credible creature. Sexy, scary and fairly original design wise, the PMS inclined beastie often elevated the movie to a higher level of f*ck yeah. Add to that competent performances by Polley and Brody's unique hair cut, Delphine Chanéac owning her role hardcore as the oddball creation and some random moments of potent tension and you get a decent genre offering.

Alas, this one went limp noodle when it came to not pushing its themes and ideas far enough. There was something there no doubt but I craved a more fleshed out exploration of it. Also what was up with that useless, mop looking, brother character? Like really? He was only there to give Vidal Sasson a bad name and be responsible for an obvious incoming plot turn. I could've EASILY went without that character in the film. Moreover, the peeps often acted in illogical ways to either create drama or force the narrative to go in the direction it needed to go. That really annoyed me. Finally, the whole was fairly predictable as to its chain of events. I pretty much second guessed the whole thing. So all in all, SPLICE was a flawed yet entertaining movie with mucho strong special effects. You gonna splice with this SPLICE or tell it to splice off?
The film was violent (dug the fight between the little monsters) but the good stuff was mostly kept offscreen. So apart from blood here and there... not much.
T & A
We get some mini titties courtesy of the genetically created dame... sorry guys no vagine(s).
SPLICE rolled on fast, sported stand out special effects, had some cool ideas, a novel creature and strong performances. It also liked to flirt with the nasty and sexually twisted side of things which is always good news for a nutty guys like me. On the flip side, the whole thing was predictable, often cheated logic to affect its story and swell monster aside was far from original. Straight up, this one can almost pass for a Species sequel. A decent DVD rental on a rainy afternoon in my USELESS opinion. NEXT!
The flick was shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Look out for underrated actor David Hewlett (Scanners 2 baby) in a small role.

Guillermo del Toro produced the film.

The movie was made for about 26,000,000 clams.