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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Danny Boyle

Cillian Murphy/Capa
Chris Evans/Mace
Cliff Curtis/Searle
Rose Byrne/Cassie
8 10
Well we've gone and done it! Our sun is dying and its up to a crew of 8 brave astronauts to venture into the depths of space to re-ignite the sucker with a "muck up and BOOM she goes" sensitive bomb that they're carrying. The first crew sent there to accomplish the mission failed; will they succeed?

So if you wake up one morning and it's a particularly beautiful day, you'll know we made it. - Capa

May that tramp, goddess Athena bless Director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland for their talent and superior contributions to the film industry. And may they be blessed even more for when their asses work together. They gave us the flawed yet highly underrated The Beach; the tight 28 Days Later and now I just got treated to their best collaboration yet; the Sci-Fi opus SUNSHINE.

FINALLY a statement as to what filmmaking is all about! SUNSHINE had it all! Its premise was engaging, the screenplay tighter than Jenna Jameson’s bung hole circa her pre-porn days, the dialogue often eloquent and the pacing strategically even yet always captivating. Granted many Sci Fi movies of old popped in my joke of a mind throughout this watch: 2001, Event Horizon, Solaris, Alien, The Penetrator (joke but it's a real porn title) Armageddon and even Friedkin's action thriller Sorcerer in terms of the unstable load they were carrying. But somehow Chef Boyle managed to take all of these familiar elements and boyle them at just the right temperature (see what I did there...the peak of my cleverness) to deliver a unique dish even with its un-original spices in tow. Same quality was present when it came to the film's substance. The perfect balance of "action/thrills" and "existential/philosophical themes" resulted in a ride that had me by the collar while also provoking thoughts in one of my most useless organs - my brain.

Visually; hey it’s Danny F*cking Boyle; what do you think? Boyle’s film Shallow Grave was one of the first films we were shown in film school; and to me it was a revelation as to editing and communicating narrative via visual aesthetics. Sunshine was no different. Boyle’s polished imagery tagged with stirring editing, top notch special effect and incredible production designs (loved them gold-like spacesuits) made sure to keep me immersed, affected and wowed by the world I was tossed in. Add to all that a stirring score that often sent tingles down my crotch, bang-on performances by all involved (with Cillian Murphy owning the scenery hardcore), a handful of poignant bits that had my tear ducks kick into “bitch mode”, a “horror-ish” twist that gave the final act the edge it needed to send me packing with gusto and you get new Sci-Fi classic! Been a while since we had one of those!

On the dark side of this moon; some of the characters didn’t get the attention they deserved with Cassie (played by the lovely Rose Byrne), in particular really begging for more screen time. The character’s relationship with Capa also “teased” me with possibilities but they never went full steam ahead with it hence making me wonder why they bothered in the first place. Finally the flick did have random moments of shaky “I can’t see shit, stop snorting blow already” cam shots; but they weren’t prominent enough for them to leave a bitter taste in my Rum or/and my Coke.

All in all SUNSHINE was one of the best films I've seen this year. Sure it sported boo-boos here and there but nothing severe enough to tarnish the experience. A lot of work went into this flick on every level and you know what; it f*cking showed. Cinema for the sakes of cinema not for the che and ching first! HOW REFRESHING! Hookers and beers to all involved with this production! You've brightened up my month! THANK YOU!

Not much of that stuff on this ship! We get some blood, burn scar tissue, some mucho damaged duder and a head being frozen to death.
Cillian Murphy (Capa) is a stellar film actor. He emotes so much via stillness, eye expressions and subtle body movement. The man is a genius with the camera! Chris Evans (Mace) and his thick beard sold me on his tough, yet sensitive role. Cliff Curtis (Searle) is always good times! If only his part was bigger. Same went for the arrestingly beautiful Rose Byrne (Cassie) who managed to make her "bit part" mucho memorable. More of her would have been swell!
T & A
In this space no one can see anybody naked.
Danny Boyle so goes with my individual tastes in terms of filmmaking. His semi-operatic shots, axis on style to amplify the substance at hand (I adored what he did with the "villain" visually) and his knack at stirring emotions through images always gets me. He got me here again and he is an inspiration for me. Keep at t Boyle! PLEASE! Cinema needs you!
We're treated to an often touching, atmospheric and highly absorbing score. Best of the best baby!
SUNSHINE was a winner! It had the depth, heart and smarts to hit me right here (points at heart) while being a visceral and eye popping ride that rarely let up. Sure some of the characters/relationships could've been fleshed out further but that qualm is a minimal one when taking into account the gold that this expertly acted, intelligent and utterly involving film gave me. I know we still have 6 months to go till the end of the year but I'll bet my left cashoo that come December 2007; SUNSHINE will still be one of this year's best. I'm seeing SUNSHINE again ASAP! Amen.
The flick was shot for an estimated $50,000,000.

Cillian Murphy plays in a Frank Zappa-ish band named 'Sons of Mr. Greengenes'.