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Written by: The Arrow

James Spader/Nick
Peter Facinelli/Karl
Robin Tunney/Danika
Lou Diamond Phillips/Yersy
5 10
An ambulance space ship gets a distress call, they check it out and embark a mysterious stranger on board. The stranger is not what he seems to be and not quite human either. Chaos ensues and Robin Tunney shows her breasts a lot.
This film is the prime example of studio interference. I’ll make it short for you: First off director Geoffrey Wright (Romper Stomper) was hired and fired before shooting began. Action man Walter Hill (48 Hours) was hired instead, he changed the script and shot the film his way. The problem is that the studio wanted a sexy thriller but Hill delivered a grotesque serving. Walter departed and Jack Sholder (The Hidden) was hired for reshoots. Most of the stuff Walter Hill shot is not in the finished product. They even brought in Francis Ford Coppola to give his two cents in the editing room. So what’s left of Supernova? Is it worth seeing? I don’t think it’s that bad. It plays a lot like a Star Trek episode with more sex and violence. It has James Spader being a deep voiced badass, it has Robin Tunney’s delicious breasts, Peter Facinelli the charming, evil, villain, some great sets and some really good special effects. The cast (yes, even Diamond Phillips) and the effects help make this Sci-Fi dish edible.

Every Sci-Fi cliché in the book is present. The ship’s computer has a female voice 2001 style (this time one of the characters is love with the computer…urgh), the usual light speed complications arise, a really cheap, annoying android (see Bull's Eye) wobbles around and there’s a whole fountain of youth thang going on. The Zero gravity love scenes are dumb as shite (never heard of a bed), the villain is way to easily disposed of and the last frames reek of corniness.

But in the end this flick had enough action, effects and good actors to entertain me. The movie could’ve been so much more but Supernova is not the super dud everybody says it is.
Minor stuff. Foresters death is pretty gruesome (sticky) some blood here and there. I liked the CGI stuff…gnarly…
James Spader (Nick) takes off his shirt a lot, talks in a raspy voice and acts tough…it works! Peter Facinelli (Karl) is all charm and gives a captivating performance. I really liked him here, hope to see more of him in the future. Robin Tunney pouts and shows her knockers…great performance. Angela Basset (Kaela) does well and delivers on the emotional front. Lou Diamond Phillips (Yersy) acts with his pecs. Wilson Cruz (Benjamin) does fine as the dude in love with the computer, he’s just too effeminate to be credible as a heterosexual male. Robert Forster (The Captain) shows up long enough to die a horrible death and collect his fee.
T & A
Robin Tunney…enough said. The ladies get a lot of male flesh (Spader, Phillips, Facinelli)…dig in girls.
Whoever directed this flick did an ok job. I liked the lighting a lot. Some orange, red and lots of blue. We also get kool slow motion and nicely executed fight scenes. But in my opinion the real director of this flick are the sets, they look pretty slick!
Generic Sci-Fi score with the occasional flute sounds (nice touch).
Should’ve left Walter Hill alone. The studio failed, the flick is not sexy. All the tits in the world don’t mean squat if the sparks aren’t there. The film would have worked on the "grotesque" level, I for one would love to see Hill’s version. It’s too bad cause you feel a very good film trying to come out. I guess an entertaining, generic Sci-Fi tit fest will have to do.
Facinelli originally transformed into an ugly creature, the scene was cut out.

Lou Diamond Phillips originally regressed into a human fetus (fun stuff...too bad we never saw it).

The silly looking robot was originally played straight. Sholder inserted a line where the characters say that it's supposed to look foolish, so that way we’re supposed to think the filmmaker is in on the joke.

When Coppola hopped in, he took the love scene between Facinelli and Tunney and placed the heads of Spader and Basset (CGI) over them. So the love scene between Spader and Basset in the film is fake. Coppola did that to up the "sexy" relationship between the two characters.

I hear the DVD will have many deleted scenes and the original ending…got to check it out.