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The In Crowd(2000)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Mary Lambert

Susan Ward/Brittany Foster
Lori Heuring/Adrien Williams
Nathan Bexton/Bobby
Matthew Settle/Matt
4 10
Adrien (Heuring) is released from a nut house and gets a job at a posh country club. There she hooks up with Brittany (Ward) who welcomes her in her world of fast living, money spending and loose sex. But Brittany is not what she seems and this trip down \"In Crowd\" lane is not what Adrien expects…
Wild Things extra light. The film is very similar to the aforementioned flick. Lots of rich, snotty people living the high life, hot cars, hot broads, lesbian undertones/overtones and a couple of nasty twists.

The problem is that I saw all the twists coming, didn’t care or relate with any of the characters and was not thrilled once. I wasn’t rooting for anybody, all the male characters looked the same and the behavior of these rich punks did not shock me…it just bored me. Maybe one day when I’m on a sail boat rich off my ass, then I’ll relate…till then…I don’t care.

The film does not deliver 100 percent on any front. The sexiness is quite tame if you compare it to steamy films such as Basic Instinct or Debbie Does Dallas. The \"thriller\" aspect is also lacking, the film doesn’t have any real tense moments or any suspense for that matter. It takes more than lights going off or a dead elevator to thrill me.

So what’s left? A so-so story that follows the \"steamy thriller\" rules but without any guts, a good looking cast, lots of tight shirts and big tits, half ass nudity and a groovy cat fight that redefines the word meow. The In Crowd is not that hip…
Minor blood shed, golf club attacks and some heavy shovel hits.
Susan Ward (Brittany) does the mega beeyatch thang to perfection. She out bitches everybody, has beautiful eyes and looks great in every form of undress. Lori Hearing (Adrien) does fine as the confused \"Sarah Jessica Parker\" look-alike. She handles herself well. Matthew Settle (Matt) is wasted and shows off his pecs a lot, Nathan Bexton (Bobby) gives an amusing turn as the drunk boy…
T & A
Susan Ward gives us a half ass breasts shot, lots of tight tops and Lori Heuring gives a bra shot. Half erect…For the ladies…generic hunks without their shirts.
Mary Lambert’s music video roots serve her well here. The film is stylish and looks slick…but I did expect Madonna to walk in at any time.
A lifeless pop/rock offering…luckily the score is moody and subtle.
Maybe if I had never seen a sexy thriller before, this one would have blown my cap off but I have seen tons and In Crowd brings nothing new to the genre. It has the same feel and level of excitement as a Melrose Place episode. Susan Ward is a knockout, the acting is decent, the direction is flashy and the cat fight is fun but I feel like I’ve seen this movie before. The In Crowd is too tame to fully entertain, it plays it safe and in this kind of flicks, you shouldn’t wear a condom.
When the beach scenes were filmed, it was very cold on set. It shows cause you don’t see much sunshine in those scenes, the sky is very grey…it looks like it’s extremely cold…poor actors…