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Written by: The Arrow
Director: André Ovredal

Otto Jespersen/Hans
Glenn Erland Tosterud/Thomas
Johanna Mørck/Johanna
7 10
A group of journalist wannabees, student brats, harass a wild life hunter (Jespersen) long enough that he cracks and brings them along on one of his safaris. What's the dude hunting? Giant Trolls baby. What else?!
TrollHunter was one of them flicks that's been ducking me for over a year. Every time I'd try to see it, it would troll the f*ck out of there and I'd miss on it for one reason or another. Well, mofo can't run forever, I finally got my finger knives on the bugger and finally got to see it. My thoughts? Here we troll! (yes, expect me to randomly use the word “troll” in a such a lame fashion throughout this drivel, it amuses me, you've been warned).

Although I didn't blow trolls on this one's face like most peeps I know; I still had a good time with TrollHunter. The over the shoulder, shaky cam, verite approach didn't have me hurl in my lap and in fact added to the experience; kind of fished out that sense of wonder out of me. Big props to writer/director André Øvredal for the solid way in which he handled this badtroll. The setting in which the flick took place (Norway) made for a visually appealing one; grandiose mountains, ominous woods, gray skies, waterfall, snowy surrounding...loved it! Made me want to visit Norway! The Troll designs and the CGI effects that brought them to life were aces, while the pace was pretty effortless. I also esteemed its originality and creative streak (the way the flick spun the Troll folklore was pretty damn sweet). There have been Troll movies before, but not like this one. So it was swell to see something new, fresh and that came from one's imagination as opposed to a Hollywood assembly line. The flick sported some chuckles and suspense, I wouldn't say it was scary, but what the troll do I know? Finally Otto Jespersen was simply the shit as the chain smoking TrollHunter with the most (they love them cancer sticks in Norway if I go by this movie). I so dug his jaded, “take that job and shove it” attitude and on top of that the man was so credible in the role that he sold the whole thing. With a lesser actor, this Troll jamboree may not have worked. Which brings me to my beefs.

I didn't care for the teen characters, I found them dense and unlikable. For example... MINOR SPOILER AHEAD - If I'd be in the woods, hear high pitch roars to then come back to my car and see it CRUSHED and covered in so much slime that you'd think Slimer from Ghostbusters had an orgy all up in there; yeah, I wouldn't think it was a bear that did the doo. But not these twats, it went over their hollow heads and they went on to mock the TrollHunter. MORONS! END OF MINOR SPOILER - Moreover, the affair kind of got a pinch redundant after a while. They go somewhere, find troll(s), escape, rinse and repeat. We get it! Then there was one “subplot” that kept building and I kept waiting for it to go somewhere and at the end, like me in bed, it went nowhere. Kind of a waste of potential there. And was I alone in thinking that the “suits” behavior was kind of trivial to serve the plot? They could have nipped the kids filming their top secret shite in the bud faster than I can spell "spell". Lastly not sure how I feel about the ending... this satisfy me 100%.

My qualms with it may make it sound like I didn't care for it, but don't get me wrong, TrollHunter made for a fun ride; it carved a smile on my face and started my day on the right stab. It's obvious to me that the creative minds behind it had a blast coming up with it and making it; that enthusiasm oozed off the screen, hence I had a blast with it as well! Autotrolls! Transform and troll out!
We get a pinch of blood, some slime, Troll tails (no, not their penises, pervs) and that's it.
T & A
Ummm...naked Trolls I guess... am sure there's one person out there in the world that whacks/palms off to them...
TrollHunter was a well made, engaging, funny and inventive little flick with some suspense, a witty take on the Troll folklore and a bang on performance by Otto "chain smoking" Jespersen in its back pocket. Yup the teen characters begged for my back-hand, some opportunities weren't capitalized on, the “suits” way to go about it felt trite and the cap-off was a kind of a let down. But this one reeked of freshness and originality and I got lots of amusement out of it. Not perfect but it came from the heart and that often can make a big difference. It did for me here! Arrow sings: When there's something strange, in your woods, who you gonna call; TROLLHUNTER!
Being that Hollywood has a hard time coming up with new ideas of their own now of late, there will be a US TrollHunter remake.

The flick is known as Trolljegeren in Norway.

In the end credits, we can read: "No trolls were harmed during the making of this movie".