AMC gives away the first five minutes of Preacher's premiere in advance

preacher, amc

AMC really wants you to watch PREACHER this Sunday. 

The cable network has a lot riding on this series catching on, as they hope to find success for something that isn't of THE WALKING DEAD brand. They've been pushing the show heavily in recent weeks as they gear up for the series premiere, but TV spots and junket interviews can only so far. That's why AMC is putting the first five minutes of PREACHER's pilot episode out there into the world, hoping they can bait the hook for any potential viewers to tune in after getting hooked with this tiny peak. 

There are plenty of JoBlo readers who have been anticipating the show arriving for quite some time now, but, for anyone who has been on the fence about checking out PREACHER, has this opening clip swayed you one way or another?

PREACHER debuts on AMC this Sunday, May 22, at 10 p.m.

Source: AMC



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