Anya Taylor-Joy to reteam with The Witch director for Nosferatu remake

Over the last two years, Anya Taylor-Joy has rocketed to fame, securing roles in movies like SPLIT and the X-Men movie, NEW MUTANTS. Even as the franchises roll it to take her to a new level of fame Joy still seems interested in taking on roles in interesting films, one of which will reteam with her THE WITCH director Robert Eggers for the remake of the horror classic – NOSFERATU.   

Variety got the scoop that Joy will join the director’s remake of the 1922 vampire film in a currently unnamed role, and the director had been looking to cast her in a project of his after THE WITCH. Her schedule had filled up with tons of upcoming projects, including a bevy of small indie films, the sequel to SPLIT (GLASS), and the Josh Boone-helmed NEW MUTANTS, but he was able to nap her for what he said will be his next project.

Celebrating its 95th anniversary this year the original NOSFERATU, directed by F.W. Murnau, was an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s "Dracula" and told the tale of Count Orlok (changed from “Dracula”) a Nosferatu (changed from “vampire”) who becomes obsessed with his real-estate agent’s wife, Ellen. Though it was not said who Joy would be playing, chances are she will take on the role of the great beauty who enamors the vampire. The movie was also remade by Werner Herzog in 1979 to much critical acclaim.

THE WITCH was one of my favorite films of 2015, and Eggers showed a real talent for creating horror and establishing tension in a grim period setting, while Joy nailed it in the lead role, delivering a captivating performance alongside vets Ralph Ineson and Kate Dickie. The director and actress work wonders together, so yes, I am very much down for the reunion of the two in what could be a stellar remake of the vampire flick. Now we just need to know who will portray the haunting Orlok. Is Bill Skarsgard up for tackling another horror icon?

NEW MUTANTS is aiming for an April 2018 release while GLASS is set for January 2019.

Source: Variety



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