Benicio Del Toro in talks to star in Shane Black's Predator reboot

PREDATOR is interesting, as it is an iconic monster and film that can't seem to hold a franchise together. The first PREDATOR, while successful in its own right, was followed by a disappointing sequel in 1990 starring Danny Glover. PREDATOR was then shelved for 14 years until ALIEN VS PREDATOR, which was moderately successful, but led to a disastrous sequel that killed that particular franchise as well. And the Robert Rodriguez-produced PREDATORS with Adrian Brody was a non-starter (though I enjoyed it for what it was). 

Let's hope that bad streak changes with the new reboot from Shane Black (LAST ACTION HERO, NICE GUYS). The plot itself is under wraps, but Deadline reports that none other than Benicio Del Toro is in talks to be the star. This would be great, as Del Toro has the charisma to be a leading man, but also the eccentricity of a character actor. Hopefully he fuses those two sensibilities better than the similarly talented Johnny Depp has recently. It's also the third sci-fi franchise Del Toro has become a part of after GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII (and would be fourth if he had taken the role of Kahn in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS).

So what's your guys' favorite Predator film?

PREDATOR will be released to theaters Februrary 9th, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: Shane Black had a role in PREDATOR as Hawkins, the guy who tells jokes about pussy before getting skinned alive.
Source: Deadline



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