Cool Videos: Watch the only Shining documentary endorsed by Kubrick and WB

While last year's ROOM 237 may have been the documentary about THE SHINING that got all of the publicity, it was not officially sanctioned by Warner Bros or the estate of director Stanley Kubrick. It was also primarily focused on the numerous theories about the meaning of the film rather than about the making of the film itself. If you want that info, you should check out Staircases to Nowhere.

Recorded over three years, the documentary serves as a one hour oral history of the making of THE SHINING featuring interviews with assistant directors, camera technicians, artists, and Kubrick's wife Christine.

Endorsed by The Kubrick Estate and Warner Brothers - the only modern documentary about THE SHINING to have this honour! Tweeted about by the British Film Institute and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! This is the oral history story of the making of Stanley Kubrick's horror masterpiece THE SHINING.

I love seeing these type of documentaries as they delve into older productions from filmmakers who were not always the most open about production. Kubrick remains one of the most enigmatic filmmakers in cinema history and while we will never hear these stories in his own words, first person accounts like this are fascinating.

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