Filming has wrapped on Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water

Any Guillermo del Toro fan will tell you that it's HARD being a Guillermo del Toro fan. The man is an immensely hard-working and talented writer/director who just hasn't amassed the box-office success of his fellow filmmaking brethren. Suffice it to say that every project that del Toro announces doesn't actually come to fruition. With that said, the day del Toro announces that he's finished shooting a film, is a day to celebrate. Time to celebrate friends, as filming has wrapped on del Toro's latest directorial effort, THE SHAPE OF WATER!

Not much is known about the plot of the film, aside from the fact that it's an other-worldly story set against the backdrop of Cold War America circa 1963. It's said to involve a mute janitor (Sally Hawkins) working in a laboratory where she falls in love with an amphibious man, and the two eventually escape and are hunted down by a character played by Michael Shannon. Production started about 3 months ago, so del Toro and crew have had a healthy amount of time to get this "love story" in the can. I'm still bummed that he's not giving us PACIFIC RIM 2, but a project with Michael Shannon is too good to pass up!

THE SHAPE OF WATER will most likely hit theaters in 2017.

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