HBO's Westworld shuts down production to catch up on writing

HBO's WESTWORLD is taking a break.

Still in the middle of production for its first season, the cable network's ambitious new series is shutting things down for a short bit, two months to be exact, to allow executive productors Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy to get caught up in writing the last four scripts.

A statement from HBO confirmed the decision - "As we head into the final phase of production on ‘Westworld,’ we’ve made the decision to take a brief hiatus in order to get ahead of the writing.” However, this delay does not take WESTWORLD off the 2016 calendar for HBO just yet, as the plans are still in place for the show to hit its premiere date this year, whenever that may be, given that HBO still has not publicly announced a launch.

Production was originally supposed to be wrapped in November, but apparently restarting it in March will not affect HBO's vision for WESTWORLD. All is well, they say... All is well. We shall see.

Source: Variety



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