Interview: Man on a Ledge stars Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez!

Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez are white hot in the new action thriller MAN ON A LEDGE. Their humor and their sex appeal (especially the insatiably gorgeous Rodriguez – no offense Jamie) bring the film to a whole new level of fun. While many an audience will be introduced to Rodriguez for the first time, Bell has been everywhere lately. He has easily become one of the best actors of his generation, and it sure doesn’t hurt that the chemistry between the two actors is perfection.

During my interview with Jamie and Genesis, there is a shout-out to JoBlo.com, numerous high fives (and tens), a tweet about Genesis and her body and even a shared hug. Hell, my better half even gets a little love courtesy of one of her favorite actors. Yes there is talk about the movie, but that chemistry I mentioned is clearly evident even during a brief interview. We need more movies starring Bell and Rodriguez… I’ll be first in line!

MAN ON A LEDGE opens this Friday at a theatre near you.
Source: JoBlo.com



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