NBC puts Witchblade series into development from Vampire Diaries creator

Witchblade NBC TV

Created by Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, Brian Haberlin and Michael Turner, Witchblade was a major success for Top Cow Productions back in 1995 and the series would go on to continue for twenty years as well as spin off into a variety of other media, including a short-lived TV series which aired on TNT. It seems that Witchblade will soon be returning to television as NBC has tapped Carol Mendelsohn (CSI) and Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries) to adapt the Top Cow comic for a new series.

Caroline Dries, show-runner of The Vampire Diaries, will pen the script and executive produce the upcoming pilot, which will center on homicide detective Sara Pezzini. While navigating the grisly streets and police politics of San Francisco's Mission District on the hunt for an elusive serial killer, a bracelet she has worn for her entire life suddenly "gives her supernatural insight into a crime she’s trying to solve. Her bracelet is the Witchblade, an amulet that has been worn by remarkable women throughout history, and Sara is next in line." The previous TV series, which starred Yancy Butler, kicked off with a TV movie and spanned two seasons before it was cancelled, allegedly due to Butler's issues with alcohol.

What are your thoughts on Witchblade returning to TV, and, perhaps more importantly, who should play Sara Pezzini?

Source: THR
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