Shane Black and Fred Dekker have turned in their script for Predator 4

It's been some time since it was announced that Shane Black would be helming the next installment of the PREDATOR series, and for those of you who may have been worried that it would never come to fruition, we have some good news! Black's writing partner, Fred Dekker, just announced via Facebook that he and Black have turned in their latest draft of the script. Also included would be the first production art for the film! Already looks better than PREDATORS!

A character from the new screenplay we just turned in. Art by Angus Herndon, age 7.

Okay, so that may not be official production art, and it's accompanied by a very tiny bit of information, but it's all welcome none-the-less. Shane Black does a great job of playing with audience expectation while simultaneously delivering what they want. Black's 1970s noir flick, THE NICE GUYS, has already wrapped so I'm hoping that the studio will fast track production on this, pending script approval. Despite his appearance over the years, the Predator has never been able to live up to his origin film, and I hope Black and Dekker have a unique story in mind that'll bring him up to par with some of the better ALIEN films.

Source: Facebook



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