The Conjuring series gets another spin-off with The Nun

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THE CONJURING franchise certainly has figured out how to extend its shelf life, using the various supernatural villains introduced in the prior film for spin-off purposes. Following the success of the first CONJURING, we got an ANABELLE movie that gave the origins of that creepy doll that Ed and Lorraine Warren locked away in a glass case. And now, following the success of THE CONJURING 2, a spin-off known currently as THE NUN is in the works. 

Centered around the demonic nun that wants Patrick Wilson dead in the sequel, THE NUN is currently being penned by David Leslie Johnson, who co-wrote THE CONJURING 2. James Wan will produce, much like he did on ANABELLE, alongside Peter Safran who has been involved with all three CONJURING-related films to this point. 

It's impressive how far Wan has been able to stretch this series, particularly in this case, given that the nun character wasn't a part of the most recent film until about three months out from release. Originally, it was a horned demon in the spot until Wan had a last-minute idea that New Line give their blessing for him to add through reshoots. The changes were made. THE CONJURING 2 went on to be a horror hit, and another spin-off was born. That's show business for you.

the nun, the conjuring 2, patrick wilson, vera fermiga



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