The Resident Evil series will live on with a six-movie reboot

In the words of MacGruber: “Never ever say never ever.” The RESIDENT EVIL series seems to embrace that in stride as the recent FINAL CHAPTER was intended to come with a giant asterisk in the title, given the studio that produces the franchise has already announced a reboot is in the works.

While speaking to Variety at Cannes, Martin Moszkowicz of the German-owned Constain Film confirmed that the series will be getting a six-movie reboot. The studio has produced all the previous six movies, including this year’s RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER, which was meant to end the series.

No word yet on if the reboot will have a link to the recent run of films, but the news comes off an almost unnoticeable run in the U.S. for the final film, which grossed a series low $26 million stateside. However, the series continued to flex its muscles overseas, finishing with a whopping $312 million global haul, $160 million coming from China (more than the last two STAR WARS movies, to note). That total makes it the highest grossing in the entire series, proving there’s still juice in the tank, even if gas has run out in America.

Much like word on a possible narrative link, there’s no news on if series regulars Milla Jovovich or Paul W.S. Anderson will be returning in some capacity. Chances are slim as a reboot will probably cover a whole new side of the zombie infection series. However, in this scenario, I say refer to the intro.

I was a big fan of the RESIDENT EVIL movies when I was in junior high, but after the third film (EXTINCTION) I lost most interest. I paid attention enough to know they’ve basically included most of the game series’ roster of characters, meaning the reboot may have to go to the drawing board to find a suitable story. I mean, are any of you shocked? This is clearly a money move, as the series has grown and grown in popularity overseas, and each movie is made for what could be considered peanuts in the industry (FINAL was made for $40 million). Like a horde of zombies these movies will just keeping coming, so better start stocking your toilet paper now.

Source: Variety



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