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Radio Flyer
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Directed by: Richard Donner

Cast: Lorraine Bracco John Heard Adam Baldwin Elijah Wood

Studio: Columbia

Genre: Drama

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1992-02-21 (wide)


A loving father explains the value of promise and believing to his two boys trough the story of young Mike and his kid brother Bobby, who being abandoned by their dad had to move with ma and German shepherd Shane to a rural town where the local kids, lorded by abusive older scamp Victor Hernandez, consider them intruders 'stealing' their predecessors' place. Alas the friendly sheriff Daugherty, whose protection they politely wave, will have to act against a far worse bully, ma's new lover who expects to be called the king and belts Bobby's back brutally when drunk in the garage, a secret the boys want to keep secret for finally happy ma. The superstitious brothers spend their time exploring, pulling a wheeled red wagon called Radio Flyer, which name finally inspires a desperate 'magical escape' attempt...

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