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It's do-or-die time for Franklin Laszlo (TOM ARNOLD). Hapless, henpecked but eager-to-please, Franklin is on the brink of losing his dream of running his family's carnival. Armed with a toy gun, he sets out this morning for a one-shot, out-of-character chance at a well-intentioned robbery. He's at the end of his rope. Nothing better go wrong.

It's a make-or-break day for workaholic Daniel Miller (DAVID PAYMER). It all comes down to this afternoon's career-making advertising presentation that could catapult him up the corporate ladder. There's only one catch: his wife's down with the flu, so he's stuck behind the wheel of the minivan driving the kids' carpool. His patience is thin. Nothing better go wrong.

Something goes wrong.

These two men's paths collide early in the day. Franklin, fleeing his bungled would-be robbery, takes Daniel and his vanful of kids hostage, and so begins a comic day-long chase. Led by a rabid meter maid (RHEA PERLMAN), the authorities track the renegade van as Franklin, Daniel and the crew of kids embark on an adventure through the city streets, in and out of a mall and towards some unexpected lessons and unlikely friendships.

As time runs out for Daniel and hope runs low for Franklin, the two discover that they have some things to learn from each other that might just help them make it through the day.

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