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Mrs. Winterbourne Posters & Wallpapers

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Mrs. Winterbourne
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Directed by: Richard Benjamin

Cast: Shirley MacLaine Ricki Lake Brendan Fraser Miguel Sandoval Loren Dean Susan Haskell

Studio: Tristar Pictures

Genre: Romance

Official Site: http://sonypictures.com

Release Date: 1996-04-19 (wide)


Connie Doyle's luck has run out. Homeless, penniless and pregnant, Connie leaves a man who doesn't love her and a city that doesn't want her. After she mistakenly boards a passenger train instead of the subway, a cruel twist of fate lands her with a new identity and a newborn son.

Connie is soon bundled up and whisked away to the Winterbourn Mansion where her accidental and somewhat fraudulent mistaken identity leads to a comic Cinderella story. But when an intrusion from her past threatens to destroy her new-found and hard-won happiness, Connie must do all she can to salvage her future.

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