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Sweet Nothing Posters & Wallpapers

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Sweet Nothing
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Directed by: Gary Winick

Cast: Michael Imperioli Mira Sorvino Paul Calderon LIsa Langford

Studio: Warner Bros.

Genre: Drama

Official Site: http://movies.warnerbros.com

Release Date: 1996-09-06 (wide)


Angel (Michael Imperioli) and Monika (Mira Sorvino) had the kind of marriage nothing could come between. They shared an existence of simple pleasures and modest expectations. His middle-income job on Wall Street kept them in a tidy apartment just big enough for the two of them and their young son. Then, on the night of his daughter's birth, he takes his first inhalation from a crack pipe.

The lure of the drug haunt him and lure him back until he hatches a scheme to deal drugs. With Angel's hesitant support, Angel begins bringing home some material rewards. But with a constant supply of crack easily at hand, Angel falls into chronic use and a devotion to the high -- consuming more than he sells. Angel comes to a defining point when he finally realizes he would sacrifice everything to regain his simple life and win back his wife and kids.

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