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Directed by: Roland Joffe

Cast: Gérard Depardieu Uma Thurman Tim Roth Timothy Spall Julian Glover

Studio: Miramax Films

Genre: Drama

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 2000-12-25 (wide)


The year is 1671. King Louis XIV rules at Versailles. In the North of France, Prince de Conde has come up with a plan to get his province out of debt: he'll invite the King to his country chateau for a weekend of spectacle and merriment. If he can get back in the King's good graces, his region can avoid economic disaster. The whole plan, and the prosperity of an entire province, rests on the one man who can deliver the sumptuous food, elaborate entertainment and all out decadence fit for this King. He is the prince's steward, Vatel (Gerard Depardieu). But in the midst of preparing this immense spectacle, Vatel catches the eye of the beautiful Anne de Montausier (Uma Thurman). In so doing, he has placed himself in direct competition with the King. VATEL is based on the true story of an ordinary man, a decadent king and the woman caught between them.

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