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Carlito's Way: Rise to Power Posters & Wallpapers

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Carlito's Way: Rise to Power
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Directed by: Michael Bregman

Cast: Jay Hernandez Mario Van Peebles Michael Kelly Jaclyn DeSantis Sean Combs

Studio: Universal

Genre: Crime

Official Site: http://www.carlitoswayrisetopower.com

Release Date: 2005-00-00 (wide)


In this gripping prequel to Brian De Palma's 1993 explosive hit CARLITO'S WAY, Jay Hernandez stars as the young Carlito Brigante, who from an early age is seduced by the power and excitement of the New York underworld. Assisted by his two "brothers" in crime, Rocco (Kelly) and Earl (Van Peebles), Carlito is on the fast-track to becoming Spanish Harlem's ultimate kingpin. But when he is challenged, Carlito has just one thing on his mind...survival. Co-starring Sean Combs, the Carlito's Way prequel is a non-stop action thriller that reveals the ferocious beginnings of an underworld legend.

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