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Everything is Illuminated
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Directed by: Liev Schreiber

Cast: Elijah Wood Eugene Hutz Boris Leskin

Studio: Warner Independent Pictures

Genre: Drama

Official Site: http://wip.warnerbros.com/everythingisilluminated/

Release Date: 2005-09-16 (limited)


Based on the critically-acclaimed novel by Jonathan Safran Foer, "Everything is Illuminated" tells the story of a young man's quest to find the woman who saved his grandfather in a small Ukrainian town that was wiped off the map by the Nazi invasion. What starts out as a journey to piece together one family’s story under the most absurd circumstances turns into a surprisingly meaningful journey with a powerful series of revelations -- the importance of remembrance, the perilous nature of secrets, the legacy of the Holocaust, the meaning of friendship and, most importantly, love.

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