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Cost of a Soul Posters & Wallpapers

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Cost of a Soul
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Directed by: Sean Kirkpatrick

Cast: Chris Kerson Will Blagrove Judy Jerome Mark Borkowski Greg Almquist Maddie Jones

Studio: Relativity Media

Genre: Drama

Official Site: http://www.iamrogue.com/costofasoul

Release Date: 2011-00-00 (wide)


Wounded in the war, Tommy Donahue (Chris Kerson) and DD Davis (Will Blagrove) return home from Iraq to the crime-stricken neighborhood in North Philadelphia they grew up in. Tommy returns to his wife, Faith (Judy Jerome), whom he abandoned while she was pregnant to escape a life of crime. DD returns to find that his older brother Darnell (Nakia Dillard) has risen to become the neighborhood kingpin.

Tommy meets his disabled six year-old daughter, Hope (Maddie M. Jones), for the first time, and she begins to melt his frozen heart. DD faces the pressure to save his younger brother, James (Daveed Ramsay), from following in Darnell’s dangerous footsteps. Tommy and DD find themselves trapped in the same ghetto they joined the military to escape. As they struggle for redemption, their own families become entangled in a web of crime, corruption and violence.

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