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Trailer: Living Among Us with found footage vampires & William Sadler

We have seen vampires in found footage before with  WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS , but we haven't seen them like this before, and for sure, not with the likes of Bill Sadler in the mix. The "new" vampire found footage film - which we first reported on way back in November of 2013 - is called LIVING AMONG US and as I said, stars William Sadler along with 90s...
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New found footage flick finds vampires Living Among Us

That's right, we've got another found footage flick to add to the ever growing-list as writer-director Brian Metcalf will bring vampires and found footage together in his indie horror flick LIVING AMONG US . Honestly, I'm beginning to get tired of the found footage sub-genre, but I gotta say I really like where this one is going. Written, directed, and produced by Metcalf,...
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