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Where in the Horror are they Now? Ray Wise!

RAY WISE THEN: If the legendary Ray Wise had only appeared in the classic series Twin Peaks, he’d probably still be an icon. Of course, the actor has over 200 credits on IMDB, and is instantly recognizable. This fine gentleman can be utterly charming, and in mere seconds a raving lunatic, and pretty much everything in-between. He is a charismatic actor, one...
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Exclusive clip from Big Ass Spider features hot babes and Lloyd Kaufman!

Being released on DVD/Blu-ray for the first time today (January 7th), Mike Mendez's BIG ASS SPIDER is a fun, silly monster romp in the tradition of TREMORS and SHAUN OF THE DEAD. To celebrate its arrival on home video, we've got an exclusive clip from the film to share, which can be seen below. In said clip, the great Lloyd Kaufman makes a cameo as a jogger who ogles hotties and...
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First 3 minutes of Big Ass Spider crawls online

Earlier this week we brought you the details on the DVD and Blu-ray release of Mike Mendez's BIG ASS SPIDER , which will be hitting the shelves early next year on January 7 2014, and today we have the first 3 minutes from the flick to share with ya below. This one looks like a goofy good time and our own Chris Bumbray dug it when he caught it at Fantasia earlier this year (read...
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Blu-ray/DVD release details and cover art for Big Ass Spider!

One of the first horror flicks to be hitting shelves in the new year will be Mike Mendez's upcoming creature feature BIG ASS SPIDER and we've got a look at the film's cover art for you folks to take a peek at. If you're a fan of over-the-top B-movie madness, then BIG ASS SPIDER is right up your horror loving alley as the film is now set to hit stores on January 7th,...
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Exterminate a Big Ass Spider with its new trailer!

With its October 18, 2013 theatrical and VOD release just around the corner, we thought you guys would like to check out the full official trailer for Epic Pictures Releasing's creature flick BIG ASS SPIDER! . It's a great trailer that shows off just what to expect from the creature feature as it has plenty of B-movie charm to keep you smiling from ear to ear while an enormous...
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Fantasia 2013 Wrap Up!

And so, another great year of the Fantasia Film Festival is in the books. Overall, it was another awesome year, filled with jam-packed, crazy screenings with ultra-enthusiastic audiences, laid back celebrity guests, and plenty of late-night drinking at the Irish Embassy in Montreal. At twenty-days, Fantasia ranks among one of the longest film festivals I’ve ever heard of, but...
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Review: Big Ass Spider (Fantasia)

PLOT: When a giant mutant spider goes on a murderous rampage through downtown Los Angeles, an exterminator (Greg Grunberg) and a security guard (Lomberto Boyar) become unlikely heroes. REVIEW: BIG ASS SPIDER is director Mike Mendez' affectionate tribute to old-time creature features. People are bound to compare this to the recent spate of SyFy/Asylum flicks like...
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Get caught up in the web of Big Ass Spider in October

Epic Pictures Releasing has set an October 18, 2013 theatrical and VOD release date for Mike Mendez’s creature comedy BIG ASS SPIDER!, according to Screen Daily. The festival hit, which stars Greg Grunberg, Ray Wise and Lin Shaye, is a tongue-in-cheek monster mash with perhaps the perfect title. We've been stoked to check this one out ever since we first shared the...
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Second wave of titles announced for Fantasia 2013

Just last week we hit you with the first wave of titles scheduled to play Fantasia 2013, the most outstanding and largest genre film festival in North America that will be running July 18 through August 6 2013, and today we have the second wave of titles that will be playing at this kickass festival for you below! Following last week’s first wave of programming announcements,...
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Mike Mendez planning a prequel to The Convent called The Devil's Convent

Mike Mendez is enjoying the success of his tongue-in-cheek monster flick BIG ASS SPIDER's current festival run, but he's also planning to go back to his creepy roots. Mendez has revealed that he's planning a prequel to his 2001 horror number THE CONVENT , which revolved around a group of college students who break into an abandoned convent and become possessed by demonic spirits....
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New Big Ass Spider! clip will melt your face!

Currently spinning a web around the folks in Austin, Texas is Mike Mendez's BIG ASS SPIDER! , which is about to make its premiere at the SXSW Film Festival. The film, which stars Greg Grunberg, Ray Wise and Lin Shaye, is a tongue-in-cheek monster mash with perhaps the perfect title. (Although SPIDERS 3D sounded pretty good too, and look how that turned out...) Today brings us a bloody...
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Big Ass Spider has a brand new (and cheesy) trailer!

A movie like BIG ASS SPIDER should be gory and funny. Mike Mendez's little movie is set in LA. The effects don't look great, but the thing here is that the movie doesn't seem to be taking itself too seriously and that's definitely a huge plus. The plot for the movie sounds like this: “A giant alien spider escapes from a military lab and rampage the city of Los Angeles....
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