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The Soska Sisters remake of David Cronenberg's Rabid will be body horror

We were just hit with an update on the remake of David Cronenberg's THE FLY earlier this morning and -- Wait, is it a remake of Cronenberg's THE FLY? I mean, Cronenberg's version was itself a remake... My head hurts. Anyways, we have already told you guys the Soska Sisters would be remaking Cronenberg's very early film RABID way back in February of last...
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The Canal (Movie Review)

PLOT: Film archivist David (Rupert Evans) and Alice (Hannah Hoekstra) purchase a place to settle down and start a family. They have a kid together, but things aren't as happy as they seem. David has some suspicions about his wife. This coincides with David's discovery of a reel of film from 1902 that seems to show a brutal murder that took place in his own home....
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Anjelica Huston & ChloŽ Sevigny join body horror The Master Cleanse

Chloë Sevigny, Anjelica Huston, and Johnny Galecki will star in Bron Studios and Gilbert Films’ THE MASTER CLEANSE, a potent brew of dark humour and David Cronenberg-style body-horror, according to Screen Daily. Bobby Miller, whose appropriately bizarre short film TUB screened in Sundance 2010, will make his feature directorial debut. XYZ Films is shopping...
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Skin disease horror thriller Replace gets greenlight

Canadian producers Ultra 8 Pictures, A71 Productions and 108 Media are pacting with German partner Sparkling Pictures to produce Norbert Keil's horror thriller REPLACE, which just got the greenlight out of Berlin, according to THR. Keil's directorial debut is set to start production later this year in Canada, and follows a host of the director's shorts that screened at...
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Contracted (Movie Review)

PLOT: After getting wasted at a friend's party and having unprotected sex with a strange dude (a necrophiliac to boot), a young woman slowly morphs into a virally infected, flesh-rotting mutant. REVIEW: Well here you go bible-belters, here's one odious poster-child for abstinence if I've ever seen one. Or perhaps a sly satire of, which I (want to) believe is the...
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Sales art and photos from Eric England's Contracted infect you

Above and below you will find a handful of photos and the early sales art for director Eric England's Cronenberg-esque sex thriller CONTRACTED, which we first told ya about a little more than a year ago HERE . In the time since that first article, the MADISON COUNTY director has finished the thriller ROADSIDE and has been busy getting CONTRACTED ready to infect the world....
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