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Trailer for Devil in the Dark shows a monster in the woods

Here's one that flew in under my radar. I hadn't heard anything about Tim J. Brown's DEVIL IN THE DARK when it was going through production, but now suddenly here's a trailer, along with word that Momentum Pictures will be giving the film a Digital/On Demand release on March 7 th. The title may make you think of a certain episode of the original Star Trek series,...
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Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley to star in Wild Game

Horror icons Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley have a ton of shared credits, having worked together on THE DEVIL'S REJECTS , CHARLIE'S FARM , OLD 37 , SMOTHERED , the upcoming DEATH HOUSE , and more. You can add another film to that long list, as Hodder and Moseley have both joined the cast of WILD GAME , which will be directed by horror journalist Staci Layne Wilson. The...
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Disturbing new stills from Bind leave a trail of blood behind

We just recent brought you guys the eerie first trailer for Dan Walton's supernatural thriller BIND and now we got our hands on a few disturbing stills from the flick featuring a severed head and bloody intestines — you know, the usual. So far the flick looks very promising and if these new stills are any indication as to what we can expect, I'd say that it's going...
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