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Ejecta (Movie Review)

REVIEW: When a super-storm of intense solar flares punctures Earth's atmosphere one ill-fated night, an old alien-abductee and a young filmmaker witness unspeakable extraterrestrial horror. PLOT: After emblazoning his tire-marks on the Canadian horror scene with PONTYPOOL and SEPTIC MAN, writer Tony Burgess has hit quite an unpleasant speed-bump with his newly scripted film...
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IFC dates Kiah Roache-Turner's Wyrmwood, Wiele & Archibald's Ejecta

2015 should be another great year for genre titles and now we've learned the dates for two very promising flicks coming at us from IFC Midnight: the zombie-apocalypse movie WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD and the sci-fi thriller EJECTA. Fangoria is reporting that WYRMWOOD will roar into theaters, cable and digital VOD February 13. Helmed by Kiah Roache-Turner from a screenplay from...
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IFC takes on sci-fi thriller Ejecta, starring Julian Richings

IFC Midnight has just picked up Matt Wiele and Chad Archibald’s sci-fi alien throwback EJECTA for U.S. distribution. We saw the film's first trailer back in April and it was practically dripping with old school science fiction with a techno-infused soundtrack tying all the madness together. If you're just now catching up on EJECTA, check out the trailer right HERE ,...
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Poster and trailer for sci-fi thriller Ejecta starring Julian Richings

Taking a page out of the lo-fi sci-fi glory days of the '80s is an all new alien flick from co-directors Matt Wiele and Chad Archibald known as EJECTA . Anchor Bay's sci-fi thriller is making quite a presence in the genre today as it dropped both its first trailer and poster—both of which we've got right here for you guys to take a look at. The trailer is infused with...
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Anchor Bay Canada picks up Septic Man, Ejecta, and Hellmouth

Anchor Bay Canada was pretty damn busy today as they have announced the acquisition of three new exciting genre films from Foresight Features penned by Tony Burgess for distribution in the Canadian home entertainment market. Read on for all the details regarding each of these horror titles! In SEPTIC MAN , pictured above, an erstwhile plumber undergoes a hideous transformation...
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