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Epic Empire Pictures Blu-ray Collection boasts 18 classic flicks!

Empire Pictures was founded by producer/director Charles Band in 1983, and though Band left Empire in the early 1990s to form Full Moon, the flicks he produced during his Empire years are still legend. As a gift to fans for those films, Charles Band and Full Moon, along with Shout! Factory THE EMPIRE PICTURES BLU-RAY COLLECTION May 5th. The massive limited edition collection will...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Barbara Crampton!

BARBARA CRAMPTON THEN : Barbara Crampton is a name that nearly every horror fan is very familiar with. In fact, probably every single one of us has had a bit of a crush on this stunningly beautiful - and very talented - blonde. And from a genre standpoint, she is certainly one of the best scream queens around. While she may have started in soaps, specifically...
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From Beyond- Horror Movie Review- (Day 23 of 31)- October Massacre

PLOT: In an attempt to stimulate the pineal gland, a couple of scientists develop a device called The Resonator, allowing anyone within its range to see the world of the beyond. Once they turn the machine on, they're given the ability to see creatures from another dimension that want nothing more than to drag them into their world. REVIEW: I'm not entirely sure that...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Jeffrey Combs!

JEFFREY COMBS THEN : When I was very young the name Herbert West become synonymous with everything that was great in horror. In the 1985 classic RE-ANIMATOR, a crazed young medical student – who had fantastical ideas blurring the lines between life and death - quickly became an iconic genre figure. The actor, a young man by the name of Jeffrey Combs, had...
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It's the Booze Talkin': Scream Factory is awesome!

When it comes to horror movies people love, one of the last things people ever think about is the distribution company responsible for their favorite copy (on DVD or Blu-ray). But you should, because without the efforts made by some of these companies, great movies that we love would never make it out of VHS hell, forever lost in the relic world of the 1980s. Pioneers of the business...
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Dissecting Actor Jeffrey Combs

“Jeffrey Combs” Buy RE-ANIMATOR here! From the day Jeffrey Combs busted on the scene with RE-ANIMATOR in 1985, he has been a staple to the horror community and legend among legends in the genre. From his strangely-intense composure to the selections of films he chooses to be a part of, the man has been in over 100 movies and TV shows, has expanded from...
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Special Features for the Phantasm II and H.P. Lovecraft's From Beyond Collector's Edition Blu-rays

PHANTASM II is a really good sequel to DON COSCARELLI'S PHANTASM and it's receiving the deluxe treatment it deserves on blu-ray. H.P. Lovecraft's FROM BEYOND is receiving it as well and we have the Special Features that each disc will offer when they come out on March 26th! The PHANTASM II blu-ray Special Features are: - Audio Commentary with director/writer Don...
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Scream Factory's Blu-rays of Phantasm II and From Beyond get street dates!

Scream Factory continues their streak of excellence in the spring with brand new Blu-ray/DVD editions of the cult classics PHANTASM II and FROM BEYOND . The company has just announced the street dates for both discs, although unfortunately there is still no word on the special features. Knowing the Scream Factory, however, I'd be willing to bet that these suckers are packed....
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