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James Wan & Alexandre Aja team up for Smart House!

Lionsgate has just acquired the rights to my new top "must-see horror flick". Sorry, IT . But the new movie from James Wan's imagination just sounds like a horror movie lover's dream come true. The film is called SMART HOUSE . It is based on an original idea from director James Wan. SMART HOUSE synopsis: Set in a world of smart phones and smart...
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Dissecting Writer/Director Gregory Levasseur!

Get PIRANHA 3D Here WRITER/DIRECTOR GREGORY LEVASSEUR! Not sure if I'm alone here, but the one wintertime horror chiller that looks like it has a chance of surprising some people is THE PYRAMID, open for public touring in the U.S. on December 5th. The flick marks the directorial debut of Gregory Levasseur, who for the last decade or so has served as...
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Cool Horror Gear: Awesome t-shirts from Fright-Rags

Fright Rags is one of the best sources for horror-themed t-shirts around right now. Give their website a look on any given day and you'll likely see a slew of designs that'll melt your eyeballs right in their damn sockets. Today I wanted to show them a little love because of their latest three shirts, all of which are very awesome indeed. Below you'll see designs for "They're...
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